Life Coaching Testimonials For Lionel Sanabria

"Lionel Sanabria Life Coaching Testimonials"

The following testimonials are taken from letters I’ve received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

To Life coach Lionel,

I’m writing this letter as a testimonial for co- creating with me and dancing with me in areas that were critical in my life such as my relationship, first with myself and with others.

From the first time we worked together, you made it a safe place for me, that I could be myself and share things deep inside of me, that were stuck and trapped by all the conditions and some negatives events in my life.

What I thought was going to be a short coaching 3 months, turned out to be the best productive 2 years of my life.

At first I have to confess I was really scared with my communication being that Spanish is my first language and English my second, can this life coach understand me, can I understand him, can I learn to move forward in my life using him as a guide, were some of my early questions.

But my first aha! moment was, life coach Lionel is bilingual, he was able to speak in Spanish at times and English in other times.

At the time I met him, I was experiencing a big deception from loving a man for 28 years and learning that he was having multiple affairs with females that I knew. I wanted to kill myself, I had become depressed and quite frankly I had lost the desire to live and be around anybody.

Coach Lionel, advice that I may need a therapist or counselor to deal with certain issues, but I told him that maybe I could also work with him.

The very first thing he said…Are you truly committed to do the work with no excuses? My response was “Yes”. He really use some great life coaching concepts and I did many exercises that allow me to create a clear path to achieve one by one some of my desires and dreams.

Again, Thank you coach Lionel for your open caring and professional ways. I’m in the correct path, having better tools and knowledge to keep moving forward in a fulfilled way.

Gleybis Lopez, Florida U.S.A
March 20th,2015

“Bold, fresh, forthright and honest is the approach you will get from him….

“My Friend and Coach Lionel,

It’s a privilege to personally know Lionel Sanabria, what a dynamic individual. Words like passionate, focused and determined still fall short in describing Lionel.

He possess a keen sense of intuition and a rapid fire mind that hits the nail on the head with precise accuracy when matching solutions to problems no matter how fast they come at him.

Lionel worked for my green technology company, Real Green Ideas, and even in unfamiliar surroundings and in an industry that was completely new to him, he adapted, learned, and put into motion ideas and solutions that saved our company thousands of dollars and brought us new high end clients in just a few short months.

I get more out of me every day due to Lionel’s inspiring leadership and honest advice.

If you are ready to grab the tiger by the tail and make some serious inroads and changes to your life, business or organization then Lionel Sanabria is your man. Bold, fresh, forthright and honest is the approach you will get from him. Get more out of life and unleash your true potential today with Leo the Lion as your coach.

Still Climbing,

Neil V. Keane North Carolina, U.S.A

September 1st, 2010

Life coach Lionel is a coaches coach as per Jo Ellen (life Coach from Florida).

“His empathetic demeanor allowed others to open up to him in an extraordinary way and allowed for in-depth results oriented coaching.”

To the coaching prospects of Lionel Sanabria:

It is with great honor that I write this letter of testimonial highlighting the skills and professionalism of Lionel Sanabria, Certified Professional Coach.
I met Mr. Sanabria while receiving professional certifications and designations through the Coaches Institute International.

This intensive training not only offered comprehensive theories and examples of many coaching facets, it also required participants to actively coach others along with competency testing.

I worked one-to-one with Mr. Sanabria, and also had opportunities to see how Lionel worked in various coaching situations with other participants from the United States, Canada and Australia.

In all areas of coaching, Lionel Sanabria displayed the finest in professionalism, foresight and intuition, all important areas of coaching.
His empathetic demeanor allowed others to open up to him in an extraordinary way and allowed for in-depth results oriented coaching.

Mr. Sanabria’s extensive professional background and experiences bring a wealth or real world experience to his coaching prospect as well.

Lionel has proven through actual coaching that he can manage the essential circle of Personal Perspective.

This coaching instrument covers the life essentials dimensions such as Professional Goals, Financial Goals, Health and Wellness Goals, Spiritual goals, Emotional Goals, and Relationship Goals.

In his own words “he will focus on the success achievement of all six areas with the spiritual being the key, so my coaching will target change from within, connection to the spirit then aligning with the mind reprogramming the thought process and body”.

In closing, allow me to reiterate my strong support for Lionel Sanabria and his professional coaching skills.

If you are looking for a solid life-coaching event that will truly change your life dimensions and set you on the road to positive results, Lionel Sanabria is the coach for you.


Terry Neustrom, M.ht Iowa U.S.A

June 9th 2009

“I have gained such much insight from the coaching process in a short time.”


Thank you for your care. I have gained such much insight from the coaching process in a short time.

The vision statement prepared in the area of relationship and spiritual gave me positive affirmation of key areas of belief and reprogramming my mind.

Mark, Florida

“There are no limits on my dreams…””….There are no limits on my dreams”. Now I’m able to create a better life by achieving my goals on a monthly basis, mapping step by step the tasks and action plan that make it happen.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of my needs.

Maria, Illinois

A Few Brief Testimonials

Lionel, Thanks for the push forward. You made me know that I make a difference. You are a light for many.

Lorie from North Carolina

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Your transformational coach

Lionel Sanabria

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