Our power is in our Consciousness

You seek to know yourself in order to create a better life, in order to change your experience and become a better person and to help others become better. You seek true knowledge; you seek to know reality in order to uncover the causes of suffering and to change those causes for causes that produce happiness, harmony, joy. The root of all those experiences is precisely within us,our power is in our Consciousness. Our happiness is not dependent upon external conditions, and anyone of us can verify that. We may acquire some external condition that we long desired, we may […]

Consciousness is all

Dog In meditation

The Practice of Meditation

The practice of Meditation is where we sit calmly, we close our eyes to external sight, we close our attention to any given phenomenon outside of the object we are directing our attention towards,¬†and in that way we focus our attention, we focus our awareness deep inside of us. The ultimate point of this is to be able see the nature of that awareness itself, to see the nature of that mind in itself as it exists without any artifice, without any bottle, without any filter and more importantly without your ego. The arrival of this experience can only occur […]

Open mind vs Closed mind 93

Success in its broadest meaning is not limited to only monetary and material possessions. It reveals as being plentiful in countless and several forms in life and nature.   The universal spirit of consciousness, craves to continuously manifest and express itself; this power likewise expresses its longing to demonstrate success, which naturally wants to develop, to grow and become bigger and stronger, which requires to have open mind vs closed mind. However, many realize this longing and natural inclination for growth repressed in them, because of negative thinking, wrong programming, and not having enough faith in their abilities and themselves. […]

Open mind vs Closed Mind