You Are Self Employed

In today’s world full of uncertainty and often misdirected, most people do not realize that in truth you are self employed, even when it appears that you are working for someone else.

You Are self Employed

It does not matter what kind of work you do, what company you work for during the week ,you are self employed. The best workers in any field at any level either know this concept or sense it and act like it. Why? Because the person who must be satisfied with the quality of your work and output is you.

In addition to, you are self employed simply because you are working or expressing to fulfill your own spirit(god) implanted talents and need to be of service to the world. All work is a valuable service to others. That is what is all about, whether you know it or not.

Furthermore, any job would not exist and nobody would pay a cent for it, if there was not a purpose or service to others. We need to view our work as our power, which is part of the foundation of a well balanced life.

This concept can be mystifying in the beginning because we generally do not think that work or being creative in our work give us power. Perhaps that is why many people drag themselves from home to work and then back home exhausted instead of exhilarated and satisfied.

Another way of looking at this is that the pressure in our work is never the job, but it is always within the consciousness of the worker. The worker brings the stress, value, skills, all the negative baggage or the excellence that he/she puts into it or comes out of it.

The funny thing is that if you ask most people the question who they are, they will certainly tell you what they do; example I’m a secretary, or an accountant or department manager. Somehow, we think that our work defines us, justifies us, that give meaning or makes something out of us that is more than we really are, but this is a incorrect view.

You are a creative being, and work is just a way to express yourself in a satisfying and productive way. You are self employed as you work in exchange of your time, skills, knowledge and contributions you make to another person, which can be measured in many ways not only with money.

Obviously, in the world we live in right now it is all about money, you work for money and that work can take in many forms, whether legal or illegal according to laws within a society.

You are self employed, whether you are acting in a capacity of generating one’s income directly from a customer or you decide to generate your income by pairing with a group or business that provide some leads or work that they operate. Either way it is somehow disguised as a contractual intra – business relationship, or what others will call an employer – employee relationship.

To most people that have the employee mentality, they bought into the idea that they can have someone else take care of the taxation process, FICA tax and all the business laws and regulations, they just want to trade time for the money with no responsibilities, rather than just be independent contractor once and for all and take care of the taxation and regulations.

In case you have not noticed, self employment used to be in few private sectors, such as sales, insurance agents, but slowly and surely it has spread to the manufacturing, banking and many home-based business.

The shift is happening, in consciousness, that is affecting how people view their careers and opportunities to fully express their talents in the workforce of a culture and society. Current research has shown that the levels of self employment are increasing worldwide and it is having a positive effect overall in the creations of meaningful work and sustain growth.

In the daily news, we read about the many layoff and restructuring in different industries that people are left without jobs, or basically your contract is up, the company you work for, just found cheaper ways to replace you with foreign independent contractors.

Perfect example, this past week CEO of Walmart Doug McMillon announced that 450 home office staff will lose their jobs. In a brief statement McMillon said the job cuts will make Wal-Mart, a “more nimble organization that serves customers better.”

Furthermore, McMillon said: Our customers are changing, retail is changing and we must change. We need to become a more agile company that can easily adapt to shifting customer demand. After months of evaluation, we’ve concluded there is an opportunity to better position our Home Office teams to move with speed and purpose.

There you have it, it is all changing, for some people the veil is lifted and clarity emerges from within, suddenly reality is there for the viewing and illusion is gone. You are self employed and it does not matter what path you take or category you may name it, it all comes back to the original point of view.

Self Employed

In the work we do, whether pay with money or volunteer to assist people, our part is to keep trying and do your best. It is to serve the living, achieving a better life, a happy experience for people all the time.

When we view our work in this matter, that work serves as a creating force and power for good and it helps many prosper in all ways…remember you are self employed.

To your Success…your Life Coach Lionel Sanabria

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