Subconscious mind control techniques

The conscious mind is a remarkable thing, but there’s a whole other level of awareness that, when tapped, can greatly expand your abilities.

Now we enter the subconscious zone, where mind control is all about reaching and strengthen the voice of the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is believed to have immense powers that if controlled can spell success and happiness for us.

If there is no clear understanding about this seemingly dormant part of the mind, then what is all this hype about the power and control of the subconscious mind?
Whatever understanding we have of this entity, it is believed that the subconscious is the part of mind that is most closely in touch with our emotions and our desires.

It is also attributed of having a better understanding of what would be good for us because it understands our desires, capabilities and the extent to which we would try to get something.

While the conscious mind is swayed by what it sees and hears around it all throughout the day, the subconscious mind holds steadfastly on to what we really want. These emotions are communicated to the subconscious mind through the experiences and emotions of the conscious mind.

While the conscious mind may change its stand, the subconscious mind knows our true needs and ambitions.

The various subconscious mind control techniques aim at establishing a better communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind so that we can realize our dreams because, although the subconscious mind may guide us, it is the conscious mind that makes us transform those thoughts into action.

While some of them aim at establishing a link between the conscious and the subconscious mind, others help us to listen to that voice that keeps speaking inside our head while we go about our daily tasks.

Some of those techniques are:

Self Hypnosis: This technique helps our subconscious mind communicate with its conscious counterpart. Self hypnosis involves the act of awakening our sleeping subconscious mind.

While we are under hypnotism, we let our conscious mind take a back seat and make the voice of the subconscious occupy whole of our mind.

Visualization: This subconscious mind control technique is very commonly used by athletes and sports persons. They use this technique to perfect their skills and also, to visualize themselves as winners before going for a game. In this technique one needs to see oneself in the image that he aspires to be.

For example, if you want to lose weight, visualize yourself as you would look with a few pounds off you. Do this as often as possible. Once you visualize yourself in a particular role, your subconscious mind is cued to propel you in that direction.

Meditation: This is one of the oldest disciplines that aim at disciplining the mind. Meditation helps us to calm ourselves and strengthens the voice of the subconscious. It helps to align our thoughts and realize our true ambitions.

Once at peace with ourselves, we are less distracted with all that is happening around and are better able to listen to our subconscious mind.

Talk Positive: You could also communicate positive thoughts to the subconscious by talking out loud to it. Take some time off and say to yourself ‘I can do this’ or ‘ I will do that’. Never use words like might, shall, may be or if. Many have testified the positive effect of this kind of affirmation.

These techniques need practice and take time to master. They need a relaxed mind and body and an environment which is devoid of any distractions. Nevertheless, results of subconscious mind control have been achieved and are a revelation of the power of the mind.

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