Thoughts Are Key To Your Success

Your thoughts are the key to your success, and you are the one that gives meaning to victory depending on what one is seeking in his life, relationship, and career.  It depends on one’s perspective of the life that one has.


One noticeable thing about success is that every individual must determine the true meaning of success in his own life by your initial thoughts.

The ones who walk through life attempting to accomplish “success” through someone else standards or the standards of one’s society will continuously lack that triumphant feeling.

Success can be defined as that certain measure or degree of achievement or accomplishment or as a desirable and favorable outcome.

One should decide what one truly wants that can offer a desirable or favorable outcome that must be in each aspect of one’s life. To accomplish success, one has to set realistic goals for his life, meaning plans that he can achieve. One should measure success as to how close one comes to accomplishing one’s goals that one has set for himself based on one’s skills and abilities.

Know that your “subconscious mind” is a very incredible and powerful tool that one has yet to improve and utilize wisely to its full capacity, to accomplish success.

"Subconscous mind"

To fully understand how powerful and encouraging your “subconscious mind” can be, you should understand first and recognize that there is no “coincidence” that nothing in life occurs just by chance. Meaning, nothing is predestined, that you have the power to control your life, to manage your success and your failure.

Events or incidents in life can be maneuvered or controlled to resolve one’s problems. You have the power to change certain aspects of your life that you are not contented with.

Whereas there is no disagreeing to the actuality that one can not at all times acquire what he wants, it is likewise true that one can utilize one’s natural power over events of one’s life and cause things to move in one’s desired direction; more “frequently.”

Expectation, belief, and desire are three powerful forces that can help one do so. Before anything that one wishes to occur can happen, one must desire it to happen, believe that it will happen, and expect it to happen.

The “subconscious mind” generates all things in one’s life based on the information and messages one sends to it. One is continuously and regularly sending the mind information and notes, and most information sent is useless or damaging transmission functioning against you. This is why things never recuperate regardless of your efforts to make it succeed.

It won’t be easy to follow any success level if you are not specific and clear regarding what you believe is attainable for yourself. It is then extremely significant to assess and gauges your actions, thoughts, and motives as you partake in your daily life.

You should gain understanding and knowledge of where you are and what you are doing wrong as well as what you are doing right. Subsequently, you should be ready to change for the better when and as it is needed.

Remember that whatever you display in your beliefs, thoughts and actions are sent to the “subconscious mind” that is your storage in your supercomputer of the mind.

Be very careful of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, as they greatly influence your success.  If you always worry about not acquiring enough finances, you will not gain enough; thinking that you cannot accomplish your goals, you will never achieve any; believing that there are not enough open opportunities will never be.


Only because the “subconscious mind” is continuously working on the information that you have sent, and “negative information” results in nothing but “negative reality.”

When you accomplish your goal, stop a while and relish that absolute satisfaction and pleasure of achieving a goal. Great or small, it is a success, a beginning of that life that you want for yourself!

Make it a great day, and as always wishing you all the success life has to offer.

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To your success

Your Coach Lionel Sanabria

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