Brainwaves Programming For Your Subconscious Mind

Brainwave programming is a complex form of programming that creates automatic amnesia and communication barriers between the different brain wave states.

Standard brain wave states used are:

Alpha: this is the most easily reached brain wave state and also includes both the youngest and most easily accessed alters in the entire system. Young children have long periods of alpha activity and must be trained to enter other brain wave states for long periods. System access programming; path codes and will often be placed in alpha, which may also be coded red in some systems.

Beta: this is the next most easily reached state and is often associated with aggressive impulses. The beta state will often hold cult protectors, internal warriors, and military systems. They may be color-coded blue.

Gamma: this will often hold too cult loyal alters and carries more emotion than the other states, except for alpha. Suicide programming will often be layered into this system, as these change would rather die than leave their “family.” This system may hold scholarship programming since they easily memorize by rote. Several languages may be spoken by different alters in this system, as the Illuminati like to program in plural linguality, with up to eight languages, both modern and ancient, being spoken.

Delta: this is one of the more cognitive brain wave states and will often be highly dissociated. It may also be the “ruling” or controlling state over the other brain wave systems. Usually, the delta state may be configured inside as a computer, and the delta will have emotionless, flat alters with photographic memories. They may hold most of the other systems’ cognitive memories, mostly if extensive amnesia programming has been done. Delta state may have up to three levels of training: delta 1, delta 2, and delta 3, which will also correlate to security access allowed within the cult, i.e., access to highly confidential information. This system may hold behavioral sciences programming. Internal programmers, self-destruct, psychotic, and shatter programming and other punishment programming sequences to prevent outside access or internal access to the methods may be held within delta systems. It may be color-coded in orange/blue/purple and will also often be the entryway to higher structures such as jewels or internal councils.

Epsilon: This is often a “hidden system” and may hold CIA programming and high-level governmental programming. Assassin programming may be stored in this system or the beta system, depending on the trainer. Covert operations, courier operations, learning to tail a subject, or “drop a tag” disguises, getting out of difficult situations may be handled by this system, which sees itself as chameleon-like. It may be color-coded brown.

Phi/Theta/Omega programming: this represents negative spiritual programming. These are the “dark” ritual alters who participate in blood rituals, sacrifices, and ceremonies. Internal witches, warlocks, seers, psychics, readers, and occult practitioners will be placed in this system with a highly developed right brain and deep trance abilities. They will often be color-coded black.

In the video below, you will experience a new level of brainwaves programming to change your vibration frequency and reprogram your subconscious mind. There are many alternative waves, binaural beats that will enhance your state of mind for a clearer thinking and understanding path. As always is best to view and listen to brainwaves entrancement music for over 21 days to get the full effect of change.

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