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The Union with Divine Source is truly an awakening people must attain if they want to be happy and fulfilled in life.

Divine Union

What is wrong with me? A simple question and yet profound, because it makes you look inside of you to know the answer.

How can I connect to this infinite source of our creation, when so much distraction is around us in our daily lives?

Nowadays I have become more attune to my meditations, this wonderful time in which I’m able to disconnect from this world full of hatred and divisions create by the ignorance of humanity, suddenly the real upper world teachings became clear.

As you experience life with all the dramas, chaos, frustrations upheavals, and all the flashes of deja vu , the whole roller coaster ride it suddenly started to make sense.

It started during and after each meditation that I began watching the world as I knew dissolved as the fog of illusion dispersed and clarity emerged. I started to recognize the fluid nature of reality in the throes of metamorphosis.

The rules of this game of life taught to us in the beginning by our immediate parents and family members on how life is to work, clearly did not work anymore, and then you wondered.

As you wondered more questions gives rise to seeking understanding of who you are? And why you are here in this physical plane or laboratory.

As I wrestled with the endless stream of questions offered by my logical mind, govern by the left hemisphere of my brain in the body, the messages and teachings of divine source began to lay a strong foundation for seeing everything in our present day world from a timeless perspective of energy.

Now the right hemisphere of my brain started to take over, the creative side which connects to source in a magical way, explained that the vibration momentum driving all creation toward unity is the same momentum that we all experience in our daily lives.

Now I begin to look around and see the effects of the accelerated frequencies all around us, playing out as human experience.

However, I came to simply understand the dynamics of how we manifest our own reality, vibrationally, and how our emotional inner mechanism sets up the parameters for drawing our life experiences with us. This is why the good , the bad and the ugly events just happens to us, as part of the learning and purification process.

In addition to I recognized the symptoms of the process called ascension, the phenomenon of shifting into accelerated levels of reality, all around me and leaving the mundane to what it is. I began to see the signs, by applying the teachings and many messages and discovering their potential.

After awhile I began to laugh at most of the down to earth life theme issues I had struggled with in my life, the endless re-runs of the same old movie, it all started to ease up slowly but surely.

In conclusion, the more time you take to meditate and be within yourself, centering the inner being, the more all of those old movie disappears and new opportunities, clear vision and abundant energy rise to a new present reality, some people might call a miracle, but the truth is you become a realized person.

Nevertheless, I truly understand the significance of the choices each of us has to make daily while here in this physical form, under some extraordinary times, but there is a subtle shifting happening around the planet, whether you know it or not.

Consciousness Shift

This is a short article, but one that serves as an introduction of this topic of shifting in consciousness that is currently happening, an awakening for humankind to evolve to the next level, that being written, there will be more follow up articles in the coming months to expand this much needed it knowledge for a better world to live in.

Live in peace and harmony by raising your inner vibration from a place of love not fear.

To your success…your life Coach Lionel Sanabria

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