Four Ideas To Increase Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a personality ingredient that one has to have and, if possible, in tremendous amounts.

That is not to say that a person needs to be too sure of oneself to the point of arrogance; they need enough amounts to withstand the pressures of life and lead a contented existence.

It wouldn’t make much difference if you can measure self-esteem.

This is because there is no specific amount of self-esteem that anyone can prescribe. Different persons need different amounts of self-esteem the same way that different dynamics or aspects of one person’s life require different self-esteem doses.

There is no specific amount. Different situations also demand different amounts of self-esteem.

Whatever the amounts that you need, there is no argument that one needs self-esteem. It is developed during the growing up years in how we are treated by our parents and the people around us. Parental treatment and social group interaction play significant roles in the development of self-esteem. But that is not to say that self-esteem will be a permanent fixture come adulthood. It can still be developed and enhanced, no matter what the age is.

Below are four ideas for building self-esteem, techniques that can work across all ages. Read on, and you might get a thing or two that you can apply in your own life or with other people.


There is a difference between self-love and narcissism. Although it is not recommended to become obsessed with one’s positive qualities, it is not wrong to acknowledge our achievements and talents once in a while. Self-affirmation is a great way to increase our self-esteem levels. Telling yourself that you are great in front of the mirror every morning may seem too much, but it works in improving one’s self-confidence.

Of course, you don’t have to take self-affirmation to the extreme if you don’t want to. Sometimes acknowledging the little achievements that you have made at the end of the day is enough to raise the rate of self-esteem.

You are doing the things that you love.

No aphrodisiac would make you love yourself more than doing the things that you love. When you love what you are doing, you become happier and more enthusiastic. You will also become more interested in developing your skills, thereby improving yourself and allowing you to trust yourself more. Besides, if you are happy with what you are doing, you are more confident about your decisions and actions.

Voicing out

There is something quite liberating with voicing out your own opinions and speaking your mind. Although some people would try to put you down and argue with what you believe in, there are still people who will respect you for your thoughts. Acknowledging your thoughts and becoming comfortable with your thoughts will allow you to trust yourself slowly, thus increasing your self-esteem.

Accepting that you are not perfect

There is no perfect person in the world. Often, people develop low self-esteem because they try so much to become perfect; but they have to learn that they cannot become one because there is no ideal person. All they can be is the best that they can be.

Today, finally realize that your life is what you decide to make it and your choices at any given moment. Honor yourself first; remember who you are.

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