Understanding The Keys To Change Your Mind

Understanding the keys to “CHANGE  YOUR MIND” in people is important; let’s take a look:

Change your mind

1. Pain / Pleasure: All human behavior is merely an attempt to gain pleasure and avoid pain. More specifically, to meet (and avoid losing) SURVIVAL NEEDS. There are four:

• Certainty
• Variety
• Significance
• Love

2. The emotions and behavior that we do habitually or as a reaction to our world come from three forces (Tony Robbins calls it the “Triad”):

• Physiology (movement, position/posture, biochemistry)
• Language (spoken, visual, internal/external)
• Focus/Beliefs (philosophy, thoughts, your ‘reality’)

3. The triad creates an emotional “fuel of choice,” which we use “habitually” to fulfill our survival needs. This creates a pattern that produces the four measurable results:

• Peer Group
• Identity
• Focus
• Emotion

4. There are five steps by which change happens within you:

• Diagnosis
• Conditioning
• Leverage
• Peer Group
• Empowering Alternative

Ultimately, the only reason anyone does anything, whether excellent or destructive, meets the needs.

Changing someone’s life changes how they meet the needs, but there is one thing that stands in the way of change FEAR.

An outstanding teacher of mine gave me, several years ago, a terrific acronym for FEAR. The one that we all know is:

False Evidence Appearing Real

That’s not the one I’m talking about, though. The acronym my teacher offered me was:

Feeling Excited And Ready

My teacher added another line to this teaching that I will never forget:

Call your fears Adventure.

Wow. I never thought of it that way, and it goes with change your mind, change your life, and it is that simple if you decide to not only try but fully commit.

Now, this does not mean throw caution to the wind. But it does mean that you don’t have to be afraid of everything that scares you. That’s my little wisdom for the day, so let me repeat it:

You don’t have to be afraid of everything that scares you. Believe you can overcome, and it shall be done as you change your mind, so your life will change.

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To your success

Your Coach Lionel Sanabria

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