Our Actions must be Mental

We may come to understand that if we can learn to rely upon our mind to serve our well being, we recognized that our actions must be mental first, to be free at last.

Actions must be mental

Free from the need to hope that our well being will come to us someday in the future, free from worrying about what someone else thinks it’s good or fearing that we probably won’t get much better at all the things we do.

The truth is that the way life works in each individual is through his/her thoughts. The power lies inside us, each of us is our truth, and our reality is always available to us. Nothing in your life can be more responsive to you than the action of your thoughts.

This is a great point to remember that the real creative power of life, the truth of life, is the action of mind and the power of thought, and how we apply it is truth.

Moreover, if we are to come to a place of power and purpose in our lives, our primary objective is to learn how to think correctly. We must also learn how to discern and understand the difference between the things we ought to be thinking and the things we have no business thinking.

The thought is the crucial aspect of living a well-lived life; again, our immediate action must be mental.

Of course, we all want to behave well and have good manners, but even though the right things we do are important, the way we think is more significant. It will lead us to do the right things, say the things we say, make the choices we make, react the way we react, and be whatever we appeared to be at any given time.

If you are truly honest with yourself and you want to grow, act right, and be able to live in peace and harmony in our world without the stress of worrying if we are okay and if you want to become a person who acts with ease and grace, then your primary concern must be the way you think.

When we think the right way, whatever we might be doing and with whomever, we are dealing; our actions will be correct. They will tend to contribute, improve a situation, or not make it worse than what it is.

I have heard many times from key people that the only thing we can do when we do not know what to do is to have the wisdom to do nothing. There is nothing wrong with just shutting up sometimes. And be willing to bite your tongue rather than putting yourself down, someone else, or the situation. Think first; if you cannot make a positive, loving comment, say absolutely NOTHING.

Be aware, connect to your highest consciousness for healing, clarity, and focus. By creating this type of consciousness, your action must be mental, be more concerned with thought than with appearances. We all can act at times, pretending that everything is fine when it is not just to impress people; this can be self-delusion and self-betrayal. All this false acting is an insult to our intelligence and can deter our learning abilities.

One of the most incredible things I have ever heard is that “ Never, never, never criticize yourself.”

Remember, all thought is creative, even goofier, off the wall thoughts. All ideas are innovative because it has the power to impact our minds. We are always thinking and creating.

You are the power

We can stop doing anything else, but somehow we cannot stop thinking; therefore, what we are thinking all the time is extremely important.

I leave you with some questions to ponder.

  1. Do you think of yourself kindly?
  2. Do you think of yourself as the kind of person that deserves the best in life?
  3. If not, What good is that doing to you or anyone else around you?

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To your success

Coach Lionel Sanabria

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