Command and Master Your Emotions Now

Commanding and mastering your emotions is not an easy thing to do by any means.

"Commanding And Mastering Your Emotions"

It takes great effort, loads of work, and an ability to laugh in the middle of trials.

Sometimes we have things hidden in our subconscious mind that breaks down our personality, character, and self-worth as a whole.

The key is unleashing those memories, words, and influences in making them work in your favor.

The emotions are powerful since it pulls from the soul, mind, and your past experiences. Throughout our lifetime, we experience hurt, illness, pain, trauma, and the like. It takes you to let go and let live; otherwise, the emotions will destroy you and possibly destroy the lives of others.

While many things compose our emotions, today, we will unleash lies told to us since these lies are destroyers of the mind and spirit.

What can you do?

Today we will unleash superstitious beliefs so that you have the freedom to control your emotions and, of course, achieve a better life daily.

Superstitions as defined are practices or a belief that stems from lack of knowledge, or ignorance. It is a fear (a damning emotional trait) that fears the unknown while trusting in chance or the supernatural. The fear is buried in the subconscious mind and, at what time-triggered, targets the emotions.

Thus, irrational and unreasonable hopeless attitudes take control as the person’s subconscious dwells on falsified concepts prepared for cause or acts of causing to happen. Most times, a person experiences coincidental sights, which ingrains the thoughts deeper within the mind.

For instance, if the belief is strong, sometimes at what time a person crosses a black cat’s path, he/she will experience a flat tire. An evil source makes the person believe irrational thinking that has no concrete evidence of its existence.

Oh, the power of the mind, we can induce energy into our minds by believing in something strong enough. However, once we start searching for facts and find those facts, the beliefs will wilt away.

We then start seeing more clearly, which promotes thinking and think before acting on emotions. Emotions are feelings, and emotions show our feelings.

Emotions, in some respects, are obsolete. It is a disturbance of the mind, which stems from the heart(soul) and past influences, teachings, beliefs, culture, and experience.

Emotions are also exciters. It is the emotional facet of the conscious mind, which brings in feelings. The state in which we start to feel turns into expressions, which come in many forms of actions, including anger, aggression, impulsively acting out, and the like.

Most of the bad experiences where we have expressed emotions stem directly from fear. This brings on anger because we cannot understand those fears.

Emotions are either positive or negative. For instance, she expressed compassion for her lover. This is an emotion-triggering feeling, which holds good results. He said anger toward his child, who acted rudely in public. This is not a good emotion. The emotion expresses a feeling of fear. This man is afraid of embarrassment. Who isn’t? The trick, however, is to turn that negative into positive by unleashing those fears and leaving room for you to command and master your emotions.

For instance, “young man, I am not about to tolerate this behavior. This behavior holds consequences, which will not make you happy. I feel disappointed at what time you misbehave in such away. These people are looking at you as if you are a clown.

You want people to respect you and not look down on you; therefore, the consequences of your behavior will result in disrespect.” As you can see, maturity, command, and mastering of the emotions are seen in this illustration.

Yet what do we see in this child? We know a child was searching for attention. We see a child allowing his inner child to go free. Yet, the point is we must find the facts, unleash the fears, and remove other obstacles in our way that hinder us in life from succeeding. Commanding and mastering the emotions takes skill in how to develop and understand.

Physiological changes transpire as the emotional response to a particular feeling stemming from actions, words, etc. Physiological it relates to physiology, which reviews characteristic organisms that are healthy. The changes are seen in the mind’s biological sciences’ physiological aspects, which focus on bodily fluids (salt) known as physiological saline.

This is an essential biological fluid, which takes us to a medical and mental level in some instances; therefore, we can continue to understand how it fits into emotions. Yet, what makes the feelings change?

For instance, if the emotions respond to fear or love, it is a response that involves physiological changes. It is the preparation to act on the answer.

Now, I have my philosophies as to why some people have an intense emotional response that produces fear, anger, and the like; however, this leads us to another topic. Yet, I will say that depending on the degree of salt, e.g., if too many salts have targeted the biological perspectives which touch the psychological perspectives, I see a problem.

The emotions respond to physical and psychic reactions, such as fear, anger, joy, etc., while actions and words express the feelings and feelings. To command and master your emotions, you will need to learn self-control.

We can now review what makes us as a person and how it reflects on the emotions. The heart comprises our dispositions and personality. Instead, it states our behavioral tendencies. The heart is a teller of feelings and thoughts. The heart is based on morals and emotional responses.

The heart (soul) is our innermost feelings, character, and inclinations. The heart then is the center of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. This brings us to reviewing inclinations since the spirit (soul) promotes feelings, which pushes the person to make decisions based on what sparked the sense. The core (soul) inclined the emotions, which also moved the feelings.

Now we can see that inclinations are the root of commanding and mastering the mind. This brings us to the source of preferences, meaning that you must train the heart to do what is right and verify the facts to control the mind. How can we do this?

Let’s look at beliefs shortly, which include customs. We all have thoughts, which are customs, stem from practicing a particular thing.

For instance, she believed that it would rain tomorrow. This is common sense; we have weathermen down through the centuries who have told us what the weather will be the next day or in the next week. Thus, the woman practicing listening and hearing the weatherman lead her to believe the source. The weathermen have been wrong many times, yet this is ignored because other times, the weatherman is right.

What do we see?

We see an inclination backed by habit that makes this person believe.

What is the point?

The point is all the elements discussed in the article points to commanding and mastering the emotions. It is essential to recognize your body and mind to master and control the emotions. If you are not in touch with yourself, it isn’t easy to understand your functions. The heart (soul) is the root; the root is an inclination; the body and emotions respond to physiological changes, and the mind acts on the changes within us.

There is a great saying that “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance.”

As people, we are full of emotions, meaning (E) for energy in motion at all times, creating many moments in our lives, good or bad, they are still living moments.

We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments, and those moments are full of emotions.

But great moments often catch us unaware and beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.


In closing, master your emotions and feelings; they are tied down to your thoughts first, and then choose how to manifest them in this world.

I search for a video that gives you a sense of calmness in balancing your emotions; I hope it especially reaches you.

As always wish you all the very best life has to offer.

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To your success

Your Coach Lionel Sanabria

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