Success has Trade offs

Success is a comprehensive and indescribable concept, having many diverse definitions, significance, and meanings for each individual. To accomplish success, one has to create his idea of success.

Success and Trade off

The fact is that success has trade-offs; man negotiates all day as part of one’s journey for success. One deals with himself and with others. Subtle sometimes, overt at other times, but negotiating occurs continuously, as your every need is met, as you appeal that your goals will be met.

As the negotiation progresses, you often find yourself trading off ideas and even your values as a person to achieve success.

Note, however, that success, as with all things in life, is not constant and that the only trade-off that you will ever make to achieve financial, emotional, and spiritual success is changing your attitude for the better, turning adverse to positive, and preparing yourself for the shortcomings that will come your way, it is well known that life will test you.

A successful individual understands this reality clearly. One would work persistently to establish success in all areas of his/her life.

The reality of life consists of happiness and difficulties; believe it or not, there is a duality. Indeed, one can not stay away from problems, it is part of one’s journey through success, yet you can be very well prepared for it and know how to deal with it.

Is success accomplished by trading off one’s family for great wealth? Does trading health attain success for money? Lasting and real success is realized by generating balance in every aspect of life, adding prosperity in all forms every day regularly.

No trade-off should be done, and no sacrifice should be made, no transferring a particular goal in exchange for another when one gets to that specific position in his life or obtains something.

Keep in mind that when one gets to that specific position or obtains that individual item, there is no other trade-off, but success has progressed.

You trade off your old self to a new, positive and motivated person, living each day with gusto, zeal, and zest working towards your set goals.

Success is never a destination; instead, it is a journey that one embarks on daily. Success is achieved through emphasizing the importance of one’s blessings with affirmative thoughts, actions, and words.

No need for a trade-off; success continues to flow, to thrive, and to increase. One win should not die in exchange for another. Success is a success, in all aspects!

Here are guidelines:

1. Determine what it is you want. Remember, you can have anything that you desire in your life. When you establish more goals, then there is the possibility that you will achieve more in life. Having a clear vision enables you to have direction on what route to take, and you are guaranteed that you will reach that goal.

2. Write down your goals. Write all of it down and affirm it. Make concrete plans and pull everything in your mind.
Writing your vision enables you to pull your spiritual, physical, and emotional powers in a position to accomplish your goals and vision. Your body, mind, and the subconscious within will work together and attract positive forces.

3. Establish a “time frame” for all your vision and goals. Fix a target that you need to accomplish for a certain period. Set deadlines for your goals so that there will be more possibility that you can achieve them. Then, after you have completed a specific plan, move on to the next. This is what is meant by the success that flows.

4. Accomplishing your goal takes work in succession. Make a record of the actions that you need to do so to accomplish each goal. Make it in such a manner that it will be easy for you to follow, such as the most important ones come first.

5. Examine your list of activities and make sure they are in order. Work out on a comprehensive step-by-step plan to accomplish your goal. Never delay and accept no excuses, start on the first activity now! While you are working on an activity, do not go ahead and move to the next until you are finished.

Trade off

Move ahead and never be afraid to achieve success on your terms. There are no trade-offs, just a healthier, more optimistic, more aggressive, and more complete “you” will emerge. Success flows, and you never have to trade off success in one aspect for another. Move on and live that life the way you want it to be one day at a time!

To your success

Coach Lionel

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