Best way to make an offer

The new selling shift is a crucial mindset if you make real business progress in today’s contemporary world by correctly positioning yourself to offer your potential customers.

Best way to make an offer

Many people seek life coaching in specific issues around money(making more or lack of it) and careers because they feel something is missing, and somehow they are not congruent with their goals or may even lack a real vision of what they want.

I found out how many people do not like selling as part of their jobs or career, which in reality you do not have to do if you position yourself in a way that you are the answer to someone’s problem and have a service or product that takes cares of that need for them.

Selling is sleazy when it’s manipulative, and most people do not like to be sold rather than be shown a product that takes care of a person’s
current problem or need. Remember, people want to feel like they are making their own decisions, yet at the same time, people like having an expert who will help them make an educated decision rather than sell them.

If you want to grow your business and feel good about yourself at the same time, it’s necessary to shift the way you think about “selling.”

Everyone buys things. If you provide a product or service that has real value and helps people solve real problems, someone will want to buy it. That someone is struggling with the situation, you are prepared to solve. They wouldn’t want a solution if solving the problem wasn’t necessary to them.

So if you can help them solve their problem and do an excellent job of it, you have become their new best friend. They not only will want to buy what you have to sell, but they will also want to buy from you again and again because now they have begun to trust that you are someone who can help them solve their problems.

When you can shift your thinking from “I’m selling something” to “I’m serving someone by helping them solve a problem they care about,” you’ll find yourself feeling great when that someone buys your stuff.

Here are five ways to make that selling shift and make an offer.

Step #1 – Get Clear on the Value You Offer

It all begins with understanding the problems you are uniquely qualified to help your clients or customers solve.

But you can’t stop there. What problems does your product or service address? What resources do you bring to help your customer or client solve those problems? Why should people believe that your proposed solution works?

Make a list of the problems and then list how your product or service solves each problem. Please make a list of the resources your customer or client will have at their disposal when they purchase your product or service. Then gather testimonials, endorsements, case studies, and anything else that will demonstrate your solution works.

It’s been found that people are ten times more likely to respond to a solution to a problem they have than they will to an opportunity to achieve something they want. So, make sure you understand how you can help others solve their problems.

Step #2 – Understand your potential client problem or needs

“Critical Need”

Once you’ve understood in general the types of problems you are uniquely qualified to solve, the next step is to understand who has those sorts of issues and would be attracted to your particular solution.

You may think that everyone needs what you have, but that’s never true. Even if we assume everyone has the problem you’re solving, only certain types of people will be attracted to how you solve it.

Apple has done a fantastic job of helping people solve problems they didn’t even know they had–like the ability to carry their entire music library with them in a pocket-size device or to watch TV shows or videos on a book size device. Most people will agree that Apple’s products are of good quality. And about everyone wants to listen to music or watch videos these days, but not everyone will buy an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad. For some, the products are too expensive. For others, the products don’t go well with other equipment they already use. Apple success has been successfully targeting people who are willing to pay more for a product that helps them feel special and unique while being useful at the same time.

You’re in the business of solving problems. Step #2 is about finding the people who have those problems and consider them significant enough that they’re willing to pay to solve them.

Step #3 – Build Trust

People will only buy from or work with people they trust. Building trust begins by establishing a relationship with people who have the problems you are prepared to solve these days. You build trust by getting testimonials, endorsements, or case studies from people who have benefited from your products or services. You can also build trust by demonstrating you have had success in the past. And you can build trust by offering knowledge, service, or even products for free so that your potential customers and clients have the chance to see how well you can help them solve their problems.

Step #4 – Remove the Perception of Risk

Anytime someone purchases something, there is a risk that it won’t serve their needs. To the extent, you can show others that the chance that your product or service will not provide the promised value is shallow, the more likely it is that people will be willing to invest in what you offer them.

A straightforward way to reduce risk is to offer a guarantee. If they’re not happy, they can return the product or service and get a refund within some period. A contract allows the customer to see if the promise matches up to their experience.

But you can reduce risk in other ways as well. You can offer additional bonuses and extras for free, so the value customers receive so much greater than what they’re paying that they feel the risk of not being satisfied is low.

The more you build your reputation, the less risky people will feel about doing business with you. When you have endorsements or support from well-known or trusted authorities, you inspire confidence that you can deliver on your promises.

Step #5 – Genuinely Care About Your Customer

(this is the most important one)

When you see yourself as “serving” rather than “selling,” then you let go of your attachment to “making the sale.” Your focus and concern are making sure that your customer needs you (or your products and services) are uniquely qualified to fulfill. This is the place where the Golden Rule comes in: treat your customers as you would want to be treated. Your job is no longer trying to sell anyone. It becomes identifying people who have problems you can solve. These are the people you are here to serve, and to serve them becomes fun.

Shift selling the better way to buy

In today’s world, the Internet has dramatically impacted the way products and services are bought and sold, but not in the way people think. E-commerce still only accounts for about 2% of U.S. GDP. The other 98% where the Internet has had the most significant impact on the economy, significantly how it has irrevocably altered the relationship between buyers and sellers. Buyers are much more educated than they used to be about the things they are considering for purchase, and sellers using traditional sales methods are scrambling—mostly unsuccessfully to keep up with their buyers.

Just shift from selling to positioning yourself in front of people that are ready to listen, view, and consider your offer is so generous; any other way, let’s say it is old fashion and a waste of time.

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