Authentic Self Is Enough

The goal in life is not to BECOME who you are, but to ACCEPT who
you are is enough.

"Authentic Self"


Put another way, if where you are today isn’t good enough, then nothing you can do or achieve will ever be good enough.

You can’t be fixed because you are not broken, the authentic self is enough.

Remember the metaphor of the acorn and the oak tree again.

The acorn is complete, but it still it is not an oak tree. It contains the BLUEPRINT of the oak tree and by realizing its CAPACITY to be an oak tree on a day-to-day bases, it grows into the fullness of that inherent blueprint.

We are like the acorn and each of us has the ability to embrace the perfect blueprint of our greatness.

If you live under the illusion that you are “not enough” you will never see yourself as the Cup to be a receiver.

Instead you will see yourself as a crack or a fault in the Cup that needs fixing.

Sure we are all flawed in some ways,but this idea that there is something inherently wrong with us is false.

How did we come to this conclusion in this world? Who is holding the measuring tape at all times? Usually some authority figure, organization or religion that is trying to control us by attacking our self-worth, does this sound familiar?.

It is important to understand the distinction between self-improvement and self-worth. At its very core self-improvement says that we are broken and we need to be fixed.

It comes from striving to be something or someone other than who you are.

Self-worth is knowing that you already have everything you need and that you are the person you’ve been waiting for. There is nothing to reach. There is only BEING and LIVING who you are in every moment.

The ONLY way you can eliminate the feeling that you are “not enough” is to declare RIGHT NOW that you have the CAPACITY for greatness and that you are enough just the way you are and then start to live that on a daily basis.

You are worthy because you are one with All That Is, connected to the source. You don’t need “self-improvement” because you cannot improve who you are…your Authentic Self.

What is important to remember is we are the Cup, the receiver of the universal wisdom. It’s a Cup that naturally expands to make room for us to expand all the time.

Wish you all the very best life has to offer.

To your success…Life Coach Lionel Sanabria

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