pokemon go another useless distraction

Now, we have a new wave sweeping the nation and perhaps the world. A highly charged wave that has people taking to the streets, and engaging in conversations they wouldn’t otherwise have with any strangers.

Pokemon on Smartphone

En masses, citizens are communing in their local metropolis, sharing ideas; the country is electrified, so they think,but wait this is not thinking is brainwashing..

But it’s not about gun control despite shootings and cop killings. It’s not about the so called police brutality broadcast by the corporate media as unsavory stories in the headlines.

It’s not about political revolutions or conventions for both the RNC and DNC, e-mails scandals by Government criminals, or FBI inquiries with cover up investigations.

NO…and no…It’s about Pokemon…a stupid, brainless game called Pokemon Go, are you for real?.

Now I will be sure to infuriate many readers by my skewering of this social phenomenon so let me get a few things out first: the gaming interface, yes, is extraordinary, yes I had a change to read some technical reviews.

We are using technology, Geo-tracking, optics, accelerators in our phones, and social media webs to engage in a game. People who wouldn’t otherwise get out and explore a city they may have lived in their entire lives are doing just that; they’re walking, they’re talking, they’re throwing digital Poke-balls.

This is the first wave of undoubtedly many interfaces of its type.

We’re engaging in mass distraction, mass delusion, and the opposite of mass hysteria – mass apathy. This is dangerous ground for all of us.

Yes, I know any form of entertainment is mass distraction in some capacity, but let me finish.

What worries me is that we have 15-35 year old touting they walked a whole 3 miles, as if this was a Herculean task, looking for what ultimately amounts to pixels; they need a fake task to get real exercise. This is unsettling considering over 68% of adults in the US are considered overweight or obese while eating fast food with no regard to their health.

Accidents caused by playing pokemon

What disturbs me is that we have young men and women who never make eye contact with others all of a sudden saying how great it is to meet new people, and it took chasing around imaginary things while staring at their phones to do it.

While the end result is admirable, as some people need to come out of their shells (I’d insert the name of some shell-donning Pokemon to be witty, but I don’t nor do I want to know too much about them); the means are unsettling.

The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters

If you want to read more about this horrible new way to dumb our society even further just google the keywords, Pokemon go, decline civilization, or just write on your browser an inquire about Pokemon game.

Car Crash because of pokemon

Instead of reading a good book or taking the time to know thyself as a person, people choose to go in virtual reality for distraction and fake amusement.

Wake up people, we are going the wrong path…down…down…rapid decline…instead of up…and a more respectful society.

Not to be a downer,but my intent is too bring awareness to our society that this kind of games a really making society stupid and retarded a at fast pace.

To your awakening

Coach Lionel

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