Lift App Is Probably The Best affortable Self-Help Product Ever Created

As the old Texas saying goes, “If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll ever get is all you’ve ever got!”

Change, the cornerstone of the self-help industry. Personal transformation requires one to internalize a predetermined set of behaviors and mindsets over time. But the right change in the right direction remains an elusive goal in our quest for personal growth.

A modest Lift app maybe what we need to make the right change sticks. The new free iPhone app offers a no-frill, commonsensical approach to personal change.

While America’s $10 billion-a-year self-help industry is churning out fantastic concepts that promise a giant leap for humankind, the Lift app is intentionally far less ambitious and wants you to focus on your single step.

The Lift app is designed to facilitate the formation of desired habits. By harnessing the power of practices, human potential can be attained. On Lift, popular patterns among its users include Floss, Sleep by Midnight, Run, Eat Breakfast, and Meditate. A user chooses habit(s) to cultivate and checks in whenever the intended action is performed.

Accomplishing the intended action is your small personal victory, and the app allows you to celebrate it with a simple check-in act. And one can extract a good dose of satisfaction when clicking on the innocuous button. Indeed, it is far more satisfying than checking in on foursquare or Facebook.

Lift tracks and display graphs to show users how many times the habit was performed over the past weeks/months. To gain ‘Momentum’ on the app, you need to complete and check-in a routine at least three times a week. ‘Momentum’ is used as a yardstick to measure how near you are from making the habit your habit.

Additionally, the app comes with a support system in the form of the user’s community. The community provides encouragement (or a healthy level of peer pressure), as they can give you ‘props’ (likes) for your check-ins. Support, as a form of peer recognition, can fuel motivation. For those still mired in underachieved New Year’s resolutions, the Lift app might come in handy.

Apps designed to enhance our emotional and psychological well-being (like Lift) will become more pervasive in the new social web. I’ve recently discovered a sweet little app called Gratitude Journal, which encourages me to write five things I’m grateful for each day. Such simplicity comes with a diversity of positive effects.

The lift has just started its ride up from the basement, with the mission of making a giant impact on human potential through positive support. For this simple app, that lofty aspiration is incredibly uplifting.

Lift Worldwide is one of the companies invested by The Obvious Corporation.

Lim Yung-Hui wrote the article for Forbes.

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