Do You Think You Are Your Perception of Self

Real or an illusion of your mind that is still the question to be answered about perception.

There is a well know saying that suggests that perception is, in fact, reality.

"Do You Think You Are Your Perception of self or Not"

Do you think you are your perception of self?

No matter how most thinking people might laugh off such a notion, the fact is that for the average mind, the reality is just that – the total of your perceptions.

How we perceive the world, how it works and our place in it dictates how we behave. Most importantly of all, our self-perception creates our reality – or, at least, our version of it.

The average person’s version of reality is unfortunate indeed – in comparison to the world full of excitement and opportunity before your very eyes, were you of a mind to open them.

I have work with People that often tell me that they lack self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, or that they are too self-deprecating.

There is much self in that last sentence, and none of them provide us with a real insight into the problem – because none of these perceived inadequacies have anything to do with the self. These ‘self’-descriptors relate to personality, not-self.

Personality, derived from the Latin word persona, meaning a mask, is not even a figment of your imagination. It is the total of all the things that impressed you for better and, more often, for worse, during your formative years and beyond.

Now, as an adult, you’re stuck with your preconceived notions regardless of the blatantly obvious fact that your formative years are long gone and are of little practical input to the present time.

So discard the false perceptions that are holding you back. Discard them by focusing on the here and now. When you do, you’ll be present – and those with presence always make just the right impression that will lead them to where they want to go in life.

The answer to do you think you are your perception of self or not lies in your understanding of who you indeed are, a spiritual person incarnated in a physical body.

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