The Practice of Meditation

The practice of Meditation is where we sit calmly, we close our eyes to external sight, we close our attention to any given phenomenon outside of the object we are directing our attention towards, and in that way we focus our attention, we focus our awareness deep inside of us.

The practice of meditation

The ultimate point of this is to be able see the nature of that awareness itself, to see the nature of that mind in itself as it exists without any artifice, without any bottle, without any filter and more importantly without your ego.

The arrival of this experience can only occur when we are willing to give up, renounce, to walk away from all the things that distract us all the rest of the time and here is the problem: we don’t want to. Somehow, we love to be distracted. By some strange phenomenon, we enjoy it when we suffer; otherwise, if we truly do not enjoy it,the best question will be, why do we continue to perpetuate our suffering?

For example, if we are truly tired of suffering from our anger, why do we continue to become angry? Why can we not recognize that anger is suffering and refuse to accommodate it? Yet when anger arises, we accommodate it, we welcome it, we feed it, we stimulate it, we nourish it, we keep it alive.

Within each of our minds are elements of memory, events that have occurred to us in the past that we will not let go. It may be something someone said or something that someone did that we keep alive in our mind. When it arises in our memories and our thoughts, we sustain it. We think to ourselves, “Oh yes, what that person said to me was wrong. He/she was not doing something good. He/she treated me badly.”

Thus we invest more energy into that memory, into that thought, into that feeling, and that collection of energy becomes a filter that prevents us from seeing what actually happened at that time and what is actually happening now.

Suffering is a self-perpetuated cycle. The beginning of it is in the moment that the original event occurred. The impressions of a given situation struck our senses and produced a low vibration which resounded within our entire psyche: something someone said or did which offended us, which hurt our feelings, which made us feel that we were not being respected, or not being valued, or not being understood.

In that instant we ourselves created a formation in our mind whose construction was designed by ourselves and whose purpose was to sustain the mistaken perception of reality. This is a very important point. We do not perceive reality because we choose not to see it. We do not comprehend the nature of mind because we do not want to.

Anger is a desire; it is not only a desire to inflict revenge, to get back at someone, it is also a desire to sustain that mistaken sense of self, to keep it alive, to perpetuate our own sense of what happened or what is happening. And this is the single cause of the state of this world: that simple transformation that happens in a moment and then is perpetuated in the psyche of each person. Of course this happens not only with anger, it happens with pride, it happens with fear, it happens with gluttony, with greed, with envy, with jealousy.

It happens with such a multiplicity of psychological elements that the mind, the often called (sense of self) becomes a very sophisticated and complex structure and we become deeply confused.

All suffering is caused by mistaken perception. Every person who suffers, suffers for that cause. This is a very deep thing to comprehend in yourself.

In each moment there are transformations happening regardless of the circumstances. Whether you are in a peaceful place such as this or in a chaotic place such as a big city, your psyche is receiving and transforming energy, but what makes the difference is how you maintain awareness of it.

If we continue living the way we have been, then we will continue creating problems for ourselves and other people.

The moment-to-moment effort to concentrate ourselves and maintain awareness of our own perception is the fundamental basis of any spiritual practice, no matter what you call it(meditation, prayer,Etc).

Our problems persist because we do not let go of them. Our conflicts persist because we grasp them as if they were real-and believe it or not, the same is true of pain. The same is true of most forms of suffering.

If we have the capacity to not identify, to be serene, to just be the Consciousness, then we can perceive that our thoughts arise, persist for a moment, and then naturally dissolve; but to see that, you cannot be identified. You have to be aware and that is the beginning of meditation.

Meditation has nothing to do with the posture of the body. Meditation is a state of Consciousness, not a physical position, but rather be in stillness and receive.

Meditation is that science of receiving knowledge. It takes work to accomplish that. It is not an easy thing to do. But the ironic part is, the state of meditation itself is beautifully simple and easy. However getting to it, for us, is not. It’s not easy because of what we have done to ourselves, because of the state of our Consciousness. The saddest part is that we are making it worse every day because we stick to our bad habits.

The practice of meditation is hard work, because we have to fix the problems that we have created and that is a big order that most people get scare with. Our body digests food on its own; our lungs digest the air on its own; but our mind cannot transform impressions on its own because our Consciousness is asleep(meaning you are in autopilot).

If we awaken our Consciousness and keep it awake, we start to digest impressions. That means the information that comes in is digested. We take from it what is important and useful and we throw out the remainder. This is how we acquire information. Right away, just from observing ourselves, we start to learn. We learn about ourselves and learn about others.

Going deeper, once we have established that continuity of awareness, we start to meditate at home. That continuity of awareness is what allows us to go deeper in Meditation, and the more you do it and become clear in your being, then you start to minimize suffering. Below is a picture that adds to the power of meditation…ha ha ha.

Dog In meditation

Hoping this short paragraphs with some words can help you understand the importance of meditation to your well-being.

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