7 key tips of law of attraction

There has been many articles and information written about the law of attraction and yet many do not get it.
The 7 keys tips of law of attraction are vital for the whole thing to truly work.




Attraction is a skill set that you can develop which will attract the best people, ideas and opportunities to you.

Using the law of attraction is worthwhile concept because when you are attractive, you will enjoy more free time (space),experience far less stress (flow), have more energy (synergy),take better care of your body (choice) and nourish your spirit (better connected)to source where the real power is found.

As you start using the law of attraction some necessary changes will happen to orient you around Attraction, one usually…lets go of the future, and most goals.
Upgrades their sources of motivation, eliminates what is blocking and draining, you then become to fully respect the present and changes their relationship with time.

Life is about choices and when you allow, you minimize resistance, when you connect to the energy source your vibration is higher, you become clear, eager, loving, healthy all natural things that you are.

Here are 7 key tips of  law of attraction, reflect on them, meditate, breath in the energy;

Go General not Specific

When emotions stirs up you may be getting to involve in the specific of a situation, the best way to change that low vibration is to go general by clearing your mind and focus on something else that can increase your vibration to raise, just say ” this shall pass too”.

Get Your Personal Needs Met.

Unmet needs consume 25-90% of life and by default If you are needy, you attract needy people.
Increasing your integrity reduces your needs automatically and If you can’t get needs met, they are either wants or you are out of integrity.
Become needless, yet still very human.

Get a Fulfilling Life, Not Just an Impressive Lifestyle.

Base your life on internals vs externals and let go of trappings, possessions, roles, clothes, goals that are no longer you.
Identify what is nourishing for you and spend 100% of your time with those who give you life and energize you.

See Perfection In the Present.

The present is a synthesis of the past and guess what,the physical universe never lies.
Perfect isn’t necessarily ideal/desired and when you can see perfection in the present, even in a very difficult situation, you are properly oriented to improve or resolve it. There is a gift in the present.

Orient Around Your Values.

Values are the interests that you are naturally drawn to spend time on and when needs are met, values get clear.
Values-based goals are easier to reach and expressed values bring fulfillment that leads to opportunities.

Simplify Everything.

Life can be rich and simple and the law of Attraction needs space to work well.
Boredom can be the gateway to peace. Do, delegate or dump your chores.

Unhook yourself from the future.

Become 99% oriented in the present and do let go of ‘should’ and ‘could’ goals.
Stop needing a better future and make more decisions based on your intuitive read of today, not projections.
Replace striving (resistance) with enjoyment (flow).

Don’t try to ‘force’ attraction to reach current goals more quickly. Remember, with attraction, you will probably let go of most of your goals.
Attraction is designed to evolve you and allows you to enjoy the ride in the journey of life. Attraction is success without striving.

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