Our power is in our Consciousness

You seek to know yourself in order to create a better life, in order to change your experience and become a better person and to help others become better.

Our power is consciouness

You seek true knowledge; you seek to know reality in order to uncover the causes of suffering and to change those causes for causes that produce happiness, harmony, joy.

The root of all those experiences is precisely within us,our power is in our Consciousness. Our happiness is not dependent upon external conditions, and anyone of us can verify that. We may acquire some external condition that we long desired, we may experience a fleeting happiness, but it does not last.

No matter what our own psychological addictions and habits are, if we apply conscious analysis to ourselves from moment to moment, we can discover where our Consciousness is most trapped. Only  when we discover the prison or cages,can we become free of them. This is why conscious self-analysis from moment to moment is so important, it is best to empty the glass everyday than to  accumulate and stored like a trapped lock box.

We want to know the truth directly, and the capacity to do that is in our consciousness. Yet, as you are now, the Consciousness cannot see the truth; it cannot see truth as long as it is trapped inside of a lie. The main thing we have to do is extract the Consciousness from the lie. Then, naturally, the Consciousness can see. So you need to know in yourself where your Consciousness is trapped.

Each one of us is different. Some of us have our Consciousness trapped in a sense of identity related with our background, our culture, our country, our education, our religion, our musical tastes, or our fashion choices and nowadays choice of sexual preference. We build a very strong sense of self in these cultural aspects which are all related to personality(from Greek word Persona or mask).

If you have the courage to begin to really analyze these parts of yourself where you find this sense of self, you discover that they are impermanent. When you begin to experience that this sense of self is a lie, an illusion, many, many people run away terrified from themselves. They run and find some other way or belief that makes them feel good about themselves, that supports their illusion of an The “I” for identification.

Our power is in our Consciousness. That is the power we used to create our ego, and that is the same power can be used to destroy it. The power is in our hands(inside of us), it is not outside.

Self observation and self remembering…

When we use that through self-observation and self-remembering, that continuity of cognizance can be deepened and be on the path of awakening your true authentic self.

Furthermore, it must be deepened by learning how to meditate in silence to hear that inner voice. Meditation and self observation are one and the same; they are the same activity: the activation of consciousness, to be awakened, to watch without distraction, to perceive actively and receive all impressions from all possible directions with complete cognizance. We have that ability but we do not develop it because of fear, ignorance, laziness, etc.

If we make the effort to awaken, our perceptions and beliefs will change radically. We start to develop the ability to penetrate into things, to see beyond what we normally saw, to see deeper.

This is something intuitive. It is something spontaneous that can never be faked and it is something beautiful: it is called realization. “To realize” is to see the inherent truth in something. We can begin to have realizations now, by looking into what has caused us to be caught in illusion.

When we have a sense of self or identity with a lot of consciousness trapped in it, when we begin to look into that and question that sense of self, we are looking to realize what is true in it and what is not. Example is that some people choose to be vegetarians; in itself there is nothing wrong with this. Being a vegetarian is a very beautiful ideal with many benefits, but some people make an “I” out of it.

They make a religion out of the kitchen; they become fanatics. They make a sense of self out of being vegetarian, and because of this sense of “I,” they can become enraged at other people, angry, proud, envious, jealous, fearful. In other words, they have trapped a huge amount of their own Consciousness in that self, which in itself, is a lie.

The same is true of any of our tastes in our personality. We all do this. Each of us has our own ways of finding a sense of self in self-created illusions. We become very much attached to memories, ideas, concepts, theories, perceptions, etc that we have put our own Consciousness into and trapped it there.

Self realization is the realization of the authentic self a direct perception and experience of what that real self is. That is what you long to know: you we really are, what of you is truly real, reliable, consistent, happy. It is not difficult to discover when one sincerely observes oneself that you are not consistent, reliable, or happy.

In fact you are not alone, we are full of contradictions, full of unhappiness, and very, very unreliable and unpredictable. We say one thing and do another. We believe one thing and perform the opposite. Our inconsistency, unreliability, and unpredictability are very much involved with our experience of existence. The fundamental unhappiness that we have, the suffering that we have, the fear and the doubt, are intimately related to these qualities of our own present condition.

Time to question the self?

By questioning yourself as you are now and investigating, analyzing: who is this self that I think that I am? Is it a real self? What is it that makes up this self? Where is it? And when questioning and investigating yourself in this manner, you are confronted with inescapable conclusions that you cannot find a single self. You cannot find a consistent self, a reliable self, a predictable self.

The other thing that you will notice if you sincerely undertake this form of observation, the observation of yourself, is that you cannot maintain it. Conscious observation of oneself requires a great deal of effort, a great deal of energy. If you do not know what I am talking about, then you will have to make the experiment and after you finish reading this article, try to maintain a dispassionate, objective point of view of your own self, right now – and don’t stop.

Look at your experience of self as though you are observing an actor on stage. Do not judge, do not evaluate, do not praise or blame, but merely watch, merely observe. You will discover that this form of observation is very difficult to keep consistent, to maintain. In other words, what we need to do is to become conscious, to be conscious of our own selves from moment to moment.

Our pride wants to feel superior, or it wants to feel inferior. Or, we may have a sense of pride that wants to feel the same as everyone else – some people have a sense of pride that wants to be perfectly average, that does not want to stand out. We give extreme examples just to give examples, but we have to realize that every ego, happens within a scale of possibilities.

There are two extremes, which would be, you could say, positive and negative. There is also a whole range in the middle(the gray area or the balancing of the two extremes).

For example, with laziness they are many forms of laziness, however when we think of the word laziness, we think that means sitting on the couch, watching TV, not doing the dishes, not working, not being engaged with our vocation, not cleaning up after ourselves, etc. That is one form, but really laziness refers to the laziness of the consciousness.

But there is a more profound way to be lazy, well I do not want to meditate or know thyself, so I keep myself busy with a lot of other things to produce the illusion that I am too busy to meditate and that is one possibility.

But being hyperactive, being very busy is a form of laziness when it is laziness of the consciousness. When our Consciousness is asleep, it is because we are lazy as a Consciousness. People who are extremely busy, who are always rushing and never have time to do things are extremely lazy people. Physically, they can look very busy, but psychologically, consciously, they are the laziest people on the planet.

And where are most of them now? Right here, in the United States. Because this culture loves this illusion, this culture loves for us to be super, hyper-busy, always running from here to there, and we seek that. If we have a moment’s rest, we feel fear, we feel agitated, we feel guilty that we are not getting things done! So we fill up our lives with a lot of other activities, things that are completely unnecessary – but we do it to feel ‘successful.’

When we study more deeply and look into this science of psychology, we understand that the sense of self that we have is really much deeper than the personality, which is just the visible shell, the visible mask that rests in front of something else and you project to the world. The personality is the part that we can see easily in our daily life, but it is not real. You can demonstrate this for yourself, and look in your own history, and see how you yourself have changed or modified your personality according to circumstances. For example, when you were young, in school, you had a certain way of talking, of dressing, certain interests maybe music or art or movies and those cultural aspects of your personality formed an aspect of that mask that you utilized to relate to your friends and family.

So you dressed in a certain way, you projected your self image in a certain way, in order to relate well to your friends, or to reject the authority of your parents, or the authority of school, or the authority of your guardians or older people and whatever forces are present there.

The personality becomes a projection device that we use to display the sense of false self. Later, let’s say you get a job, so you have to change that personality you have to wear a suit or dress, maybe, or a tie or not, or a uniform and perhaps you go to the military.

There you have to use a totally different personality you have to use a different kind of language, to speak differently, different mannerisms, different interests. Your politics might change you may have been a democrat a liberal( everything goes) before and then become a republican (conservative with some boundaries).

Where is your true authentic self in all these changes? Some people move from one city to another, and when they get into a new environment, new friends, new people, they may change religion (dogma), they may change political parties or rather become independents, they may change their diet. Where is a real self in the midst of these types of changes that we make in relationship to  our external conditions? And here we can see how this sense of self is unreliable, inconsistent, and unpredictable. We change all the time, so as you can see the false self changes as conditions  changes, but when you finally reach to know your authentic self, that is different, you know your true self.

Consciousness is all

By awakening our consciousness right now, by becoming so incredibly aware that we see through these veils(illusions) and perceive the truth. But when you attempt to know thyself, you may find that you do not have the strength, because your Consciousness has been so asleep for so long.

There are many books and articles written as well as videos on the subject of consciousness and be awake to what is real and what is not, so go and do your own research, learn at your own pace, and  do not take my word for it, because what is written here has been written in different ways before with a twist or spin, yet the message remains the same…time to awake yourself from the  illusions and know thyself.

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