Living Your Dream Your Way

Living your dream your way and not anyone else, get it.

"Living the Dream"

We create our realities, our fate, and our luck. That is how powerful we are as humans, so you are powerful beyond measure.

It has been said before that blood, sweat, and tears are not what it takes to create real change; instead, it’s your imagination.

Your dreams are not yours by accident; you have them for many reasons. Your goals are meant to be if you do your part.

As you use your imagination, beliefs, and expectations to draw you into action, some situations and circumstances will make your dream manifestation inevitable.

At first, you might not fully understand that you are part of the process that makes dreams come true, especially while this world wants you to believe that suffering and sacrifice will pave the road to success.

It is a critical principle that you understand that the universe helps turn your thoughts into things and events in your life.

By recognizing that you have dominion over all things, the universe will align to make your dreams a reality.

You can visualize or daydream; your thoughts become things in time and space of reality, as it always does.

Donald Trump had said that if you are going to dream big, then do it; you are the director of your movie, you can add characters, scenery, color, drama, you chose what you want, and do not worry about how the universe will take care of that if you trust.

You can create heaven on earth right now. Remember who you are ( a spiritual being having a physical experience), so get centered in the present, visualize, perform acts of faith and see what happens.

Your purpose in life is to live your dreams, to follow your deepest desires, to choose your thoughts accordingly, and live an amazing extraordinary life.

To live your dreams, you must engage, challenge, and dare to be; it is that simple.

Write your dreams in a journal, then meditate on them, clarify the meaning, and develop small action steps as part of the big plan for these dreams to manifest.

As you focus on your dreams, you will enjoy and experience the present moment, and you will stop worrying a lot less. Of course, you will experience setbacks, which can manifest your old life and way of thinking, but with attention to the moment and resilience, things will change for the better.

This is very important that you understand that you need to give credit entirely to the beautiful spiritual you and its connection to divine intelligence. Once you realize that you can do nothing and be real without this divine intelligence supporting you, you will be inclined to engage more often or, better still, all the time.

Live your dream, not anyone else dream, be you at all times, regardless of what people might say, do not let anyone steal your thunder, period.

Here is a picture that tells of one of my small dreams, my open office with a great view, the sound of water crashing against the rocks, gazing at the river; I like it better than a closed cubicle.

Dream big and imagine, then manifest your dream in your reality.

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To your success

Your coach Lionel Sanabria

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