Detachment helps bring completion to a relationship

Bringing relationships to completion and walking away with love and detachment is not easy but necessary at times.
There are times and emphasis on many little things that occur begins to bring into perspective the priorities you have placed upon specific areas of your life,

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Once the transformation process is fully underway, you will begin to become aware of your reactions to incidents and recognize your overreaction to certain types of scenarios.
Your emotional response is your cue to tune in to categories of emotion that you harbor, well hidden within your energy field. Your reactions have little to do with the individuals or the situations in question.

These vehicles for your growth has been strategically scripted into your drama as a catalyst for directing your awareness to the deeper issues still held energetically within you.
When you become aware of recurring scenarios that trigger strong emotional responses, take the time to distance yourself from the scene in question and look carefully at what made be symbolized those circumstances.

For, until you begin to do so, you will continue to manifest scene after scene by the recurring theme in question. The situations that most feel like a thorn in your side of those that pose the most significant potential breakthroughs for you in terms of conditioned responses that keep you stuck, playing out the same scene over and over again.

To free yourself from ongoing patterns, it is necessary to attain a level of detachment. The measure of importance you attribute to a particular piece is directly proportionate to the degree of repetition you can anticipate as your life experience. To transcend that pattern and break the cycle, it is necessary to surrender to the process and cease resisting what is being presented. Confrontation and attempts to forge one’s own will upon such circumstances are a sure recipe for more of the same.

Detaching does not mean not caring

When you could take to manifest adversity, despise having theoretical understandings of the nature creating your reality, it is time to dig for the underlying common thread that ties the entire history of such experiences into a cohesive volume through which real insight may be gleaned.

The key to liberating oneself from the bondage posed by specific life themes is to remove oneself energetically from the scenario, in totality. So long as you continue to have an emotional investment in the potential outcome, you are engaged actively. When you remove yourself from the drama and walk away, you contribute in the most significant possible way to completing that theme.

Non-attachment to all things material is not limited to natural things but encompasses every possible situation in which you are mentally and emotionally invested.
A sense of receptivity, combined with an openness to the opportunity presented, is the state of being that will manifest for you the circumstances that best reflect your real heart’s desire.
For, that which has wished for the highest level is often there for you and drifts by unnoticed simply because your energies were focused upon manipulating circumstances where the power did not flow with ease. One cannot hope to transcend physicality and simultaneously remain bound to it.

It is not possible to force a favorable result that is not forthcoming with ease and attempts to do so only prolong the time needed to transcend that conditioning.
The concept of not attachment to the outcome is the key to becoming free from the tethering to the recurring dream or nightmare, which may well be your life at present.
For, the situations you are creating in these times are poignant examples of those themes, calculated to get your attention despite the level of discomfort you may be invoked in the process.

So long as you are emotionally invested in that outcome, you have laid the groundwork for your continued imprisonment. Attachment to specific individuals, who you may have cast in your life script, is yet another tethering category that must be examined in these times. Individual beings are there for you so that particular issues come to the forefront of your awareness and play out as dramatizations of those themes. These individuals are there to sing there a specific song. When your complete with those issues, the music is no longer necessary. Prolonged contact with such beings only subjects you to unnecessary repetitions of discordant tunes.

One should be prepared to weed out of one’s script those whose purpose has been served by the shared history co-created. It is likely at the levels of transcendence at which you have arrived that neither of you is served by prolonging the pattern of interaction. Recognize when you walk continue to produce a break-in into reactions merely out of having done with a relationship is still viable and mutually no rushing. Addiction to another being is a common occurrence in these times. You might find that it takes a fair bit of courage to let go of specific individuals’ familiar companionship. Yet, when the interaction is fraught with adversity, it should be blatantly obvious to you that the potential benefits in the connection have been outlived.

Harmony is the keyword in all relationships in which you would wish to engage. When the connection is not forthcoming despite your best efforts to manifest it, one is best served by walking away from their relationship, severing ties, and doing so without animosity, merely with detachment. The potential benefit in terminating in a relationship is nullified if one leaves this stage in a fanfare of emotional charge. The object of the exercise is to diffuse the situation with the individual energetically.

Real indifference is not a state of being that can be faked, although many of you will initially go that route. For, indifference does not mean that they are not caring for the other being.
It represents your unwillingness to remain entangled in a particular energy pattern. It represents non-attachment to the drama in which you have been mutually engaged. And in materialize your recognition of the mutual benefit of non-interaction. Indifference, as many would misinterpret, terminates the relationship without nullifying the charge energetically.

So long as you carry the vibration of resentment for wrongdoings you feel has been perpetrated upon you, you have set the stage for a repeat performance. When one is truly liberated from the cycle, one can express drama fully without becoming ensnared emotionally. Caustic words and actions would not be registered as the pain inflicted but would merely be recognized as words and actions. Judgment as to their merit or lack thereof will be suspended.

When one can sever ties without severing the love and caring that may well still be present for the individual in question, one can genuinely transcend the need to continue playing out that scene, either with the person or others. Walking away with love and detachment is the lesson here to be mastered. And liberating oneself, our love of self, is the gift to be graciously received.

Letting go

Remember that generous periods of alone time is recommended during any reconstruction of relationships or life events. The path each of us travel is unique. And though there are many similarities in patterns, each individual’s process’s subtleties are unique experiential fingerprint. There is no value judgment imposed by either oneself or another. The merit is in the magnificence of the journey itself and not in the speed arriving at the destination, hoping that this small piece of writing can help some of you during your trip as aware beings.

To your awakening

Coach Lionel

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