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In my last article, I briefly mention the topic of shift consciousness because in our current world, with all the events occurring, people are wondering what is going on and somehow know that shifting is happening now.

universal consciousness

This much-needed shifting is awakening each inner spirit, to some people in very intense ways and others in a much subtle and passive path; nevertheless, is it occurring to the benefit of all in the long term.

While researching and reading, I stumble upon a beautiful book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer (beloved by many), The Shift, in which he describes that the shifting happens in stages. The four steps that he writes about are; 1. from, 2. ambition, 3. to and 4. meaning, a journey that many of us take in this life, a circle that somehow we can return before we transition this life.

In essence, the journey takes us from our original state of being(from nothing) from birth, then as family, culture domesticate us, and society, the Ego is created to assist in the ambitious process of the I (me) needs, wants, goals, achievements, possessions, competition, that many people find to be the best and only way to be, and yet for many, it creates suffering and discontent.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer will write, the above two stages are mandatory shifts that we all experience in our humanness journey. Sadly for many people, the ambition stage seems to be the end road. Still, for those seeking truth, knowledge, and ascension of our spirit while on this earth, they eventually find two more stages for their progression.

Suddenly, as we make a conscious decision to get past the ego-driven ambition mode, we arrive at a place in our mind and spirit, where we realize that we do have a choice to make a u-turn on our path away from the ego false dominating self to our point of origin or the invisible divine upper realm.

At this new shift in life, we move from the ambition TO a life of purpose and meaning driven by the spirit in a heart center mode, connected with oneness in all that is around us, the perception of the beauty of creation, and the fluidity of nature as it unfolds from moment to moment.

In addition to, now you find yourself with renewed energy, a sense of true meaning in life, where most laws of the material world start fading away and giving way to a new paradigm, where the manifestation of miracles and synchronicity of life play freely with no ego limitations or restrictions.

Have you noticed the increase in energy in our world lately, as we experience this consciousness shift as individuals and on a global scale? As you may know, everything is energy, and this new infuse energy has enabled some of us to access higher-level consciousness and reach our highest potential.

One crucial point that you must acknowledge and even master about this consciousness shift is that we globally or as individuals can not control or work toward but rather by surrendering to it.

While surrendering can be difficult to some, it does not have to be that way. Just remember that our ego acts like an eggshell; it like for us to feel protected but in reality is our limitation.

By letting go of the ego and surrendering to the process of allowing us to trust the universe and that inner voice inside of us, we learn to live from that universal center of infinite creation in harmony. I kindheartedly believe we are in the midst of change. I know the “Shift” is a reality.

Consciousness shift

This universal shift makes so much sense to me, and I feel bad for the people living in the past and have no intention of embracing this universal spiritual awakening because of their past mental programming or lack of new programming; it is sad.

In conclusion, the ego (ambition stage) acts of recognition, fortune, fame, and instant gratification. Still, the universal consciousness(meaning stage) together with us works in a loving, peaceful, and generosity way.

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