Only Time Will Heal The Wounds

If you are going at this time and moment thru a personal emotional crisis, most people will tell you that”only time will heal the wounds.”

"Only Time Will Heal the Wounds"

OK, that could be a positive or soothing statement, but how do you achieve a better life for yourself after any emotional hurt or disappointment.

Keep reading; perhaps you will see a positive outlook in need to shift your energy body, feel the pain and let it out for the healing process to manifest.

We all experience situations in our life that hurt; the pain is so great that we tend to fight back the tears. The emotions are trapped inside, just begging to come out!

So what is it that holds the tears back? Why is it that we don’t allow the pain to come out? Well, for one, it Hurts! And who wants to feel pain?

Sometimes, the quickest way to Release the stored pain is to feel it and let the tears come. Or it might be that it’s the emotion of anger or resentment that’s trapped inside. Whatever the feeling is, it just needs to come out.

The normal state of Emotions is flowing. Emotions and energy are meant to flow. When emotions are flowing, there are no problems. However, when emotions get clogged because they are being suppressed or held back, that’s when they start to become a problem.

When the emotions are flowing, we know that the Energy Body is in good shape. We can see the effects of this in the Physical Body. There are no aches and pains and good flexibility.

When a person is tense, stressed, and has several physical pains, the light switch is jammed, and there is no energy flow. We know that the Aura isn’t doing well because we can see that the Physical Body isn’t functioning well, and there are many suppressed emotions and tears, or other emotions, just waiting to come out.

In the past four years, I have learned to release and understand an essential piece of the healing process, and that is Gratitude.

I use the words Gratitude and Appreciation synonymously with Understanding. Let’s think about it for a second. It’s only when you understand something can you have an Appreciation for it.

And when you begin to understand that some unwanted event in your life had a positive intention to start with, it’s easy to have Gratitude for that Intention.

By learning to have an understanding of our Self, it becomes easy to start living with gratitude. The more of our self we get to know, the more we learn to appreciate.

Today, right now, if troubled or confused or in emotional pain from a recent lousy event, release, and cry. Do it as many times as it takes; there is no shame in feeling your emotions; you will gain clarity during the process.

Once you get the clarity, you will see, hear and feel better rather than be stuck within yourself.

I have taken the liberty to include a very nice video with a soft song and melody; it is helping me go at this time through some emotional pain; my sincere hope is that it will also help you release.

Remember, only time will heal the wounds, but you also need to do some release work.

As a transformational coach, I know that releasing the past is very liberating, and it will open a new world of possibilities.

As always, I wish you all success in whatever you choose for your life.

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To your success

Your Coach Lionel Sanabria

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