Having the Achiever Attitude

What is the difference between an achiever and a non-achiever?

"achiever attitude"

Achievers use their minds at the level of alert consciousness, tap into their subconscious mind power, and finally achieve inner peace by reaching their superconscious universal mind. Once you are at this level, setting goals is easy, and dedication to getting them happens. They concentrate on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

They continuously step up their courage, determination, and confidence while keeping their achievements in perspective. In combination, these qualities make up the achiever’s attitude, the overall frame of mind that enables them to become successful in all areas of life.

Indeed, having an achiever attitude is an essential part of reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Best of all, through practice and repetition, you can develop these positive habits of thinking. Because your mind believes what you tell it—and your body receives direction from your mind—tell yourself repeatedly that you can do something, and you will.

Follow the four simple suggestions below, and you will develop, strengthen, and benefit from having the achiever attitude:

1) Focus On Your Goals
Achievers have a sufficient desire to reach the top and work to gain the courage, determination, and confidence necessary to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and their goals.

2) Exert Self-Control
Achievers look forward—not backward. While many people panic when they make a few mistakes, achievers keep their minds focused on their goals and possessed mental toughness; and they never let their emotions disrupt their performance.

3) Be Teachable
Achievers realize they do not know everything. And they know they can always improve, no matter how good they are. They welcome constructive criticism and pursue suggestions from others to reach even higher levels of expertise and excellence.

4) Activate Your Pride
Achievers understand that pride (self-esteem, self-confidence) is a powerful motivating force. It reflects their abilities and values because people with pride want their names associated with excellence and achievements.

Mastering the achievers’ attitude will carry you to high-performance living.

William James wrote, “The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes…” Resolve today to adopt the achiever’s attitude!

Now that you have the achiever’s attitude, use these five simple steps to achieve what you want:

Describe What You Want

You cannot get what you want until you can describe what it is. What do you see yourself doing if there were no perceived obstacles in your way? Give yourself the freedom to brainstorm, and the answers you are seeking will come.

Explore Your Options

What did you learn from Step 1? Take your realizations and turn them into real choices for any of your life endeavors. Begin researching and using contacts you know today or people you haven’t met yet, to help you.

Create Your Game Plan

Take what you gathered from the exploratory process and put these steps into your calendar.

a) What do I want?
b) When will I get what I want?
c) The actions I will take to get there.

Implement Your Plan

Keep the momentum going. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
Persistence and forward movement are what will help you reach your goal.

Reach Your Goal

You made it! Remember having the achiever attitude is essential to conquering any obstacles that may come your way in life.

Applaud yourself for your hard work and effort. Congratulations on discovering you can handle anything that comes your way.

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To your success

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