Some Truths current Presidential Candidates would not tell

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In today’s political environment, we must be aware of the many lies and search for truth in order to consciously be informed in our decision of electing our next president.

Sadly, we hear and see people display a non caring or it does not matter attitude towards our responsibility as a citizen to be part of the process of elections.

Presidential candidates elections

In this website our intent now is to share key information in all areas that calls for people to be fully awaken, conscious and prepare in order to achieve a better life for themselves, their family, community and country.

While doing daily research, a great article was posted that exposes some truths that you will not hear from the current presidential candidates in their campaigns.

Some Truths You Won not Hear from the Current Presidential Candidates

Regardless of the desperate condition of our country, nonetheless, you can rest guaranteed that none of the issues that keep on undermining our opportunities will be tended to in any believable, supportive path by any of the purported suitable presidential hopefuls.

Absolutely not if doing as such may risk their remaining with the unions, companies or the well-to-do world class bankrolling their battles.

In light of a legitimate concern for freedom and truth, here are a couple of uncomfortable truths about existence in the American police express that we won’t get notification from both of the two driving presidential hopefuls.

The administration is not our companion. Nor does it work for “we the general population.”

Our purported government delegates don’t really speak to us, the citizenry. We are presently led by an oligarchic first class of legislative and corporate interests whose principle interest is in sustaining force and control.

Republicans and Democrats like to go about as though there’s an immense distinction amongst them and their approaches. Be that as it may, they are but rather sworn adversaries they are accomplices in wrongdoing, joined in a shared objective, which is to keep up business as usual.

Presidential decisions are not practices in self-government. They are simply business gatherings for selecting the following Chief of the Unified Conditions of America, Inc.

Regardless of which competitor wins this decision, the police state will keep on growing. At the end of the day, it will win and “we the general population” will lose.

The lesser of two wrongs is still malevolent.

A quarter century, a daily paper feature posed the question: “What’s the contrast between a lawmaker and an insane person?” The answer, then and now, continues as before: None. There is for all intents and purposes no distinction amongst insane people and government officials.

Americans just believe they’re picking the following president. In truth, notwithstanding, they’re taking part in the hallucination of support coming full circle in the consolation custom of voting. It’s simply one more produced fantasy evoked with a specific end goal to keep the masses agreeable and persuaded that their vote tallies and that despite everything they have some impact over the political procedure.

More than psychological oppression, more than residential radicalism, more than firearm viciousness and sorted out wrongdoing, the U.S. government has turned into a more noteworthy hazard to the life, freedom and property of its residents than any of the purported risks from which the administration cases to secure us.

The administration knows precisely which catches to push keeping in mind the end goal to control the masses and pick up people in general’s participation and consistence.

Dread, which now pervades the people, prompts one party rule. On the off chance that voting had any effect, they wouldn’t give us a chance to do it.

America’s shadow government—which is contained unelected government civil servants, partnerships, contractual workers, paper-pushers, and catch pushers who are really making major decisions in the background at this moment and works past the span of the Constitution with no genuine responsibility to the citizenry—is the genuine motivation behind why “we the general population” have no power over our administration.

The administration does whatever it needs.

You no longer must be poor, dark or liable to be dealt with like a criminal in America. All that is required is that you have a place with the suspect class—that is, the citizenry—of the American police state. As a de factomember of this purported criminal class, each U.S. national is currently blameworthy until demonstrated honest.

Sadly, any cop who shoots to slaughter as opposed to cripple is no more a watchman of the general population. By selecting himself judge, jury and killer over a kindred resident, such a cop shortcircuits a lawful framework that was long prior set up to ensure against such misuse by government specialists.

Whether prompted by the legislature or the citizenry, savagery will just prompt more viciousness. Any individual who trusts that they can wage—and win—an outfitted rebellion against the American police state is playing directly into the administration’s hands.

“We the general population” are no more protected by the principle of law. While the Primary Revision—which gives us a voice—is being gagged, the Fourth Amendment—which shields us from being harassed, baited, beaten, broken and kept an eye on by government operators—is being gutted.

For sure, the fame challenge for the new tenant of the White House won’t fundamentally adjust the everyday existence of the normal American extraordinarily by any means. Those extraordinary choices are made somewhere else, by anonymous, unelected government authorities who have transformed administration into a full-time and beneficial business.

For sure, the Constitution opens with those three essential words, “We the general population.” What the organizers needed us to comprehend is that we are the administration.

There is no administration without us—our sheer numbers, our muscle, our economy, our physical in this area. There can likewise be no police express—no oppression—no normal infringement of our rights without our complicity and arrangement—without our turning a visually impaired eye, shrugging our shoulders, permitting ourselves to be diverted and our urban mindfulness weakened.

Regardless of which applicant wins this decision, the citizenry and the individuals who speak to us should be considered responsible to this capable truth…”We the People” govern in a founding republic formed by visionary people that escaped monarchy tryranny in Europe.

Thanks for John W. Whitehead from The Rutherford Institute for writing an excellent awakening truth Click here to read original article

Surely, as the population is bombarded with different views and perspectives from the mass media, we must be vigilant in our sincere need to be inform with truth and not with lies and cover ups.

Each person should be responsible for their conscious awakening to what is real and what is not, if we are going to progress in the right direction. Each person should be able to read, learn and apply this new information and be part of the process rather than a spectator in the sidelines.

Vote 2016 elections

Rather than creating protest with violence and discord that currently plague our nation, we should rise up consciously in unity, support and a positive outlook for today and the future.

Please spread harmony and peace to all you come in contact with, one person at time.

To your Awakening
Coach Lionel

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