Your Inner Self Talk Can Make You Or Break You

Your inner “Self Talk” can be either positive or negative, you choose.

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The brain is a fascinating organ. It consists of 100 billion neurons, transmits information up to 268 miles an hour, and has two different halves, each dealing with various tasks and different sides of the body.

Yes – the brain is one amazing organ. But as a machine, the brain is pretty simple. It just records and plays back.

You put information in. It plays it back. You put data in. It plays it around.

It’s simple, and like a computer, it is very easily programmed.

Since the day you were born, you’ve had all sorts of “programming” entering your brain.

I’m talking about information and commands, either coming from yourself or the outside world (through your five senses).

This “programming” is known as your Self-Talk.

In other words, commands and programs that your brain has “recorded” – and which are played back over and over.

These are programs that have ultimately shaped your life – and they’re not always positive.

You know the type of Self-Talk I’m talking about.

The Self-Talk says you aren’t good enough.

You can’t lose weight. You’re not worthy. You don’t deserve true love. You’ll never be a success.

The kind of Self-Talk that says you’re too stupid. You’re not lucky enough. You’ll never be that confident. Or achieve your most meaningful goals. Or be wonderfully healthy. Or find your happiness.

The WORST PART is that most people don’t even REALIZE that their self-talk is NEGATIVE!

You see, the brain doesn’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” commands. It simply accepts the Self-Talk and uses it to shape your ultimate destiny. There’s not a doubt about it.

EVERYTHING you are today is the result of your SELF-TALK.

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To your success

Life Coach Lionel Sanabria

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