Life is happening now! Be Happy

Life is happening now is not a pretty slogan only, but rather a fact of conscious reality, and you choose to be happy or not as each moment unfolds.

Life is happening now

There is a story of a man in prison, and before he came out, someone had interviewed him and said that “ the most fearful day of prison for any prisoner is the day before you are released and get your freedom back.” He also added that “the prison bars had become so familiar to him that he did not know how to live without them.” Wow! Somehow what feels familiar, feels real, and what is unfamiliar can feel frightening.

I write about this story simply because while the physical prison bars are real, so are the prison bars we build in our minds. If you have been depressed and in pain for any period of time, the idea of joy can be scary. If you also have been lonely for a long time, the idea of love and intimacy can be terrifying.

Deep inside of you, you may desire freedom, and yet you are afraid of freedom. Life is happening now, this very moment, and is all about feeling the fear of freedom and walking free anyway, by just being.

In case you may not have noticed, you were born free; regardless of what you have learned or still think, you are still free. Resist yourself no more and give in to freedom by accepting in truth what it is already yours.

The freedom to be happy is a choice, a decision, if only for this moment to be free now. It has been said that the happy person has a gift for this world. Nowadays we need more gifts in this world.

Have you noticed that in the English language, the word Present has three different meanings- “gift,” “here,” and “ now.” Could this be a clue or a coincidence that the best gifts of life are available to you here and now?

It appears that some things never change for some people. The best opportunity for happiness to unfold has been and will always be and still is…NOW. However, you are often too busy romancing the past and imagining the future and fail to see one piece of good news that has been true forever…the present is here…Now.

Let me put this differently; there is no future. Please, no misunderstanding; this is not a despairing statement, but rather a simple and profound fact. Why? Because you do not have to save your best for the future, for example, waiting to be the best at your job, next opportunity, the next relationship, nope, you give your best Now.

Do not resist your spirit, be healed, do not hold back on love, but let it flow, and please do not hide that inner light, but let it shine…smile…be happy just as you are. The good news is that there is no prison, no door, no lock, no special key to be and feel happy.

Happiness now

Finally, the call to live consciously happy and to be free is too powerful to resist forever. Be loving and happy now, and you will be free of fear, pain, suffering, and unwanted conflicts simply by being present and walking free.

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