Achieving a Better Life

Partnering with a life transformation coach can help you move from where you are to where you want to be quickly and achieving a better life.

"Transformational Coaching"

I believe that each of us has the right combination of qualities, skills, competencies, and abilities to create the life we innately know is ours.

But somewhere along the way, we lose focus or motivation, daily life starts interfering, or we’re just plain afraid of that bright future!

A coach can help you to move past limiting beliefs or situations to create the life you want, one that allows you to experience life as a rich tapestry, full of love, joy, wonder, abundance, and mystery.

Whether you want to transition to a new job, find a lasting relationship, fine-tune your business strategy, set and achieve goals in any area of your life, create your mission statement, identify your values, or achieve your fullest potential, working with a personal coach can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

You can count on your coach to support you, knowing they are 100% on your side.

The intent of Transformational Coaching for achieving a better life is to assist you along your journey of life by allowing you to rise above the limitations you have set for yourself, overcome obstacles and empower yourself.

A Coach will focus on the patterns you have created in your life to shift the energy (emotions) that created the design and allow you to have choices rather than to operate on automatic and keep getting the same results.

Various techniques are used with clients to help them shift the beliefs that created the patterns that get in the way. Some of these are taught to you, and you can use them by yourself even after you finish coaching.

Transformational Coaching is designed to be relatively short-term. The amount of time will be determined by how quickly you shift the patterns and how intricate the patterns are.

Think of it as peeling an onion. Some layers are thicker than others, and they take more time. Some people have thicker onions to peel away than others.

Transformational Coaching can assist you in the following areas:

* Feel energized and in control all the time.
* Experience Connection — and stay connected — to your magic.
* Face joy in all areas of your life.
* Live life to its fullest potential.
* Feel excited about everything you do.
* Be in a loving, caring, healthy relationship.
* Create more balance between work and home.
* Build your practice or client base.
* Create reserves of money, time, and happiness.
* Create a healthy, synergistic, productive organization. Live your life in integrity.

A Transformational Coach will be in your side by:

* Helping you set meaningful goals.
* Working with you to create realistic action plans.
* Encourage, nudge, and challenge you to act.
* Helping you identify the blocks to achieving your goals.
* Assisting you in overcoming those blocks.
* Supporting you unconditionally.

If you “lost your inner power,” you know it! Your life will be lacking clarity, focus, and purpose. You’ll be all locked up inside. You will be going through the motions, “just getting by,” but there won’t any real power in your step.

We all got this power, and we all lose it, sometimes. We will go through rough periods and difficult stretches- that’s just part of life.

The key is to do something about it and do not get stuck in low periods in your life; that is why a Transformation coach can help you change your life.

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To your Success
Your Coach Lionel Sanabria

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