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10 questions you should ask to yourself

10 questions you should ask to yourself; a preparation to self-improvement “What Really Makes You Achieve?” Be all you can be, but it’s not just a slogan use in the military. I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course it’s hard to think of anything else when where are real issues to be discussed. Still I aspire for something deeper and more meaningful. So we’re all pelted with so call problems and challenges in life as it evolves. Honestly it shouldn’t even bother or even hinder us to becoming all we […]

10 questions to ask yourself

Falling out of Love

Falling in Love or out of Love

What is more exciting and exhilarating than falling in love? Is there anything? Sadly, though, many of us have learned that it is just as easy falling in love or out of love, and while finding love and affection is one of our greatest personal needs, why is it that so many fail to stay in love? Why? Anyone? Falling in love can be the start of a loving relationship, but lasting relationships don’t just happen,they must be cultivated to grow. In many ways nurturing a relationship is like tending a garden. Neglect it,weeds will grow and it dies just […]

Focus Your Feelings and not Goals

Over time for people that read and seek information to improve themselves, you may have come across with the saying that achieving our goals does not give us lasting happiness. Working towards and achieving goals is the pursuit of happiness so they say. As you may have experienced, eventually the euphoria wears off and then we’re back where we were before. What will give you happiness is learning to deal confidently with difficult situations, feelings and emotions from moment to moment. Focus your feelings and not goals. That’s not to say we shouldn’t have goals. Like you, I’m a coach […]

Consciousness is all

Our power is in our Consciousness

You seek to know yourself in order to create a better life, in order to change your experience and become a better person and to help others become better. You seek true knowledge; you seek to know reality in order to uncover the causes of suffering and to change those causes for causes that produce happiness, harmony, joy. The root of all those experiences is precisely within us,our power is in our Consciousness. Our happiness is not dependent upon external conditions, and anyone of us can verify that. We may acquire some external condition that we long desired, we may […]

The Practice of Meditation

The practice of Meditation is where we sit calmly, we close our eyes to external sight, we close our attention to any given phenomenon outside of the object we are directing our attention towards, and in that way we focus our attention, we focus our awareness deep inside of us. The ultimate point of this is to be able see the nature of that awareness itself, to see the nature of that mind in itself as it exists without any artifice, without any bottle, without any filter and more importantly without your ego. The arrival of this experience can only occur […]

Dog In meditation

Increase your Confidence

10 Practical Methods to Increase Your Confidence

Ten practical methods to increase your confidence starting today.   Rather that puffing this article with too many words, lets quickly go to the the point with the 10 practical methods to increase your confidence in no particular order: Think about someone who is confident and act, talk and walk like him or her. Model their mannerisms and behavior. It works for them; it will work for you. Smile a lot more. That doesn’t mean putting a silly grin on your face! But smile when you walk down the street, when you meet people and generally be happier even if […]

Perceiving Failure as Feedback

Confidence is perceiving failure as feedback and learning from your mistakes along the path of life. Learn why you should look forward to it, and how it can help you ultimately get where you want to go.   Have you ever hear d the quote, “There is no such thing as failure”. When you read the quote above, what’s your reaction? Do you think it’s untrue? Silly glass-half-empty stuff? What if I told you that only you have the power to decide whether or not something is indeed, a “failure?” In fact, there are some highly successful people who believe […]

Failure the best teacher

Creative genius

Creative Genius In You

People seem to have the misconception that only a select few are able to unleash a steady flow of creative genius in you. That is not true at all.   The fact is, creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to consistently give out great results. If you don’t practice harnessing creative thinking, this skill will very much atrophy into nonexistence. But keep working and this skill will soon come to you in a snap. So how do you unleash your creative thinking? Well, the first thing is to become a human leech. […]

Best way to make an offer

The new selling shift is a key mindset if you are going to make real business progress in today’s new world by just correctly positioning yourself to make an offer to your potential customers .   Many people seek life coaching in specific issues around money(making more or lack of it) and careers because they feel something is missing and somehow they are not congruent with their goals or may even lack a true vision of what they want. I personally found out how many people do not like selling as part of their jobs or career, which in reality you do […]

Shift selling the better way to buy

Tips to Relax from Stress

Tips to Relax from Stress

Tips to relax from stress and here are the recommended daily allowance.   Stress is the curse of living in modern times, most people suffers from stress and this stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions and minds. Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day, the best thing to do is relax. There are thousands of ways we can get stressed, one of them is not meeting deadlines, and there are also many ways we can relax. In recent studies, experts have determined that heart disease is linked to […]

7 key tips of law of attraction

There has been many articles and information written about the law of attraction and yet many do not get it. The 7 keys tips of law of attraction are vital for the whole thing to truly work.     Attraction is a skill set that you can develop which will attract the best people, ideas and opportunities to you. Using the law of attraction is worthwhile concept because when you are attractive, you will enjoy more free time (space),experience far less stress (flow), have more energy (synergy),take better care of your body (choice) and nourish your spirit (better connected)to source […]