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Harmony a balance life

Harmony is about living a balance life Harmony is just literally, being a pleasant person to deal with no matter what is happening around you. That is correct, no matter what. Harmony is about balancing life in tough situations. The dictionary defines harmony as accord, agreement, peace, amity, amicability, friendship, cooperation, unity, and rapport. The list could actually go on and on, those are just the starting points. We live in a day and age where this is difficult. We live even right now in a political climate that makes it feel sometimes like harmony is impossible. No matter who […]

Minimalist best way of life

Achieve a better life being a minimalist Being a minimalist is the best way to achieve a better life, now in this moment, a simple way and yet rewarding in peace of mind without the stress in this modern world. If you like being that way, please read the following article in which certain points are brought to clarity and perhaps it may infuse an inner energy to move forward and leave behind the stressful way, ready?. There is an insurgency occurrence and it’s not something political — it’s a direction for living. Individuals are getting to be minimalists to […]

Some Truths current Presidential Candidates would not tell

Conscious election decision In today’s political environment, we must be aware of the many lies and search for truth in order to consciously be informed in our decision of electing our next president. Sadly, we hear and see people display a non caring or it does not matter attitude towards our responsibility as a citizen to be part of the process of elections. In this website our intent now is to share key information in all areas that calls for people to be fully awaken, conscious and prepare in order to achieve a better life for themselves, their family, community […]

Vote 2016 elections

The Big Money Scam

The biggest Lie about Money Being conscious about current events and system manipulation is a personal responsability that is key in being awaken to the current realities. You are about to learn one of the biggest lie about money in the history of the world…it’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck…every day it seems that things are more and […]

Skills to Survive in a Collapsed Economy

Ten Must Have Barter Skills to Survive in a Collapsed Economy The following article addressed the logical need to have certain skills and awareness to survive in a collapsing economy, whether nationally or world wide. Being conscious and aware of all the factors being play currently in the economic front is key if you are going to not only survive but prosper in a changing world. The credit for this article goes to Anna hunt from out grid post as she gives some great pointers to be prepare and aware of the possibilities of getting food and things needed in […]

Prepare for economic decline

No more social media

Quitting Social Media

Quitting social media make you happier Ignorance has become the new cool, to the point that holding interest on social media distractions in place of the real life interaction with another human being, quitting social media make you happier, yes it does, so good bye Facebook. These days, if you even show a semblance of being smart or hold interest beyond the distractions and absurdities manufactured by this decaying culture, you will be look upon with suspicion. Having some intellectual pursuit makes one a threat and invite merciless ridicule by those who exist on the outskirts of their own being, […]

A world without work is coming

World without work As we awake our consciousness in this world, some realities are happening like a world without work is coming. Below you will read an article written by Ryan Avent, written to awake us now. Most of us have wondered what we might do if we didn’t need to work and if we woke up one morning to discover we had won the lottery, say. We entertain ourselves with visions of multiple homes, trips around the world or the players we would sign after buying Arsenal. For many of us, the most tantalizing aspect of such visions is […]

Decline labor

Car Crash because of pokemon

pokemon go another useless distraction

Now, we have a new wave sweeping the nation and perhaps the world. A highly charged wave that has people taking to the streets, and engaging in conversations they wouldn’t otherwise have with any strangers. En masses, citizens are communing in their local metropolis, sharing ideas; the country is electrified, so they think,but wait this is not thinking is brainwashing.. But it’s not about gun control despite shootings and cop killings. It’s not about the so called police brutality broadcast by the corporate media as unsavory stories in the headlines. It’s not about political revolutions or conventions for both the […]

Detachment bringing relationships to completion

Bringing relationships to completion and walking away with love and detachment is not easy but necessary at times. There are times and emphasis on many little things that occur begins to bring into perspective the priorities you have placed upon certain areas of your life, Once the process of transformation is fully underway. You will begin to become aware of your own reactions to incidents and recognize your own overreaction to certain types of scenarios. Your own emotional response is your cue to tune in to categories of emotion that you harbor, well hidden in within your energy field. Your reactions […]

Letting go

Time to control your life

Take Control of Your Life

You can be more successful in life only if you take action. In this article, you will find a quick method to help you get things done and to make your life clutter-free and take control of your life. Once your life is cleared of all the clutter, it becomes easier to control. The more the control, the more motivated you feel. De-clutter your life and improve your motivation! Many people carry around with them a lot of excess ‘luggage’ or ‘clutter’. The emotional tensions and regrets make a major part of this clutter. The ‘if only’s and ‘why this […]

Success has Trade offs

Success is a very expansive and indescribable concept, having many diverse definitions, significance and meanings for each individual. To really accomplish success, one has to create his own concept of success. The fact is that success has trade offs, man negotiates all day as part of one’s journey for success. One negotiates with his own self and with others. Subtle sometimes, overt at other times, but negotiating occurs continuously, as your every need is met, as you appeal that your goals will be met. As negotiation progresses, often you find yourself trading off ideas and even your own values as […]

Trade off