Anxiety Disorders and Depression

Anxiety disorders are an umbrella category that covers several conditions, such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

"Anxiety Disorder"

However, all of these medical conditions can lead to even more health problems and emotional problems, so that you may need treatment in many areas. One medical condition that may develop is depression.

While many people carelessly use the term depression to describe an intense sadness, depression is more than just a day or being upset about something. Depression can truly stop you from living your life.

If you are worried that you may be developing depression in addition to other medical conditions surrounding anxiety disorders, see your doctor immediately.

There are many symptoms associated with depression that you may experience.

Some clues to you that depression may be a problem include loss of appetite, increase in cravings, having no sexual energy, muscle aches and pains, inability to concentrate, feeling afraid or confused, being easily angered, not caring about things you used to love, not being about to pinpoint why you feel sad, hating yourself, and thinking about death often.

If you are experiencing three or more of these symptoms daily, you should see your doctor and talk to him or her about depression right away.

Depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide in the worst-case scenario. If you have thought about killing yourself, even one, you should get help right away.

Tell someone you love or call 9-1-1 or a local hotline for support. If you cannot do these things, drive to the local emergency room of a hospital near you, go to your doctor or therapist’s office, or, at the very least, go to a public place.

Give yourself some time to think about things before making any decisions.

Remember, depression is a real medical illness. Over 20 million Americas and more worldwide suffer from depression at some point another, and it can affect any age, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity.

You can find great treatments to help you with your depression, from medication that inhibits specific receptors in the brain to therapy to help you talk about the things that are making you depressed.

In the end, it is merely essential to realize that you can feel better, and there is help now today.

Having depression is nothing to be ashamed about, and modern medicine makes it possible for you to overcome your depression and anxiety disorders to live a healthy life.

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