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Having powerful affirmations in daily life routines can enhance the overall well-being of your life.

Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. They are stated in the present tense, such as “I have unlimited abundance.” Your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and as you say these positive statements to yourself, you can begin to make them genuine.

Often people say “I am (word)” and follow it with a negative statement. It is important to catch yourself if you find yourself doing this and change what you say about yourself and your life to reflect a more positive reality. Every time you say “I am,” you are evoking the Divine Self within you, calling upon the power of the universe to make it so. If you can follow the statement “I am…” with positive thoughts, you are invoking the power of the universe, the Divine within you, to assist you in creating this as your reality.

As you say these affirmations, feel the ” I ” reality and power within you to create the reality you want. The words themselves do not have the ability; repeating them will not produce the fact you wish to. It is the energy of your greater Self you are calling upon when you say these affirmations have the power to make these thoughts a reality.

Remember that affirmations take some time, but you will be surprised by just how quickly it happens once you begin the process. At first, it feels like a lot of effort without much result, but soon the process’s momentum begins to take over. Within you is a genius yearning to express itself. All you need is to learn how to use your conscious faculties to tap into the phenomenal power of that non-conscious brain of yours.

This video capture super powerful affirmations that you can use daily to start your day or meditate after a hectic day. It will boost your self-confidence of knowing that you have the inner power for change. It is best to use them every day for at least 21 days in a row for the subconscious mind to record the new information and automatically use it on your behalf.

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This was a short blog with a powerful video and explanation, and as always, make it a great day.

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