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Achieve now a better life.com is dedicated to provide quality information on how you can make good use of your inner power to achieve your goals.

All of the content that are being displayed on this website are simply to help you learn about how to achieve a better life for yourself by understanding the critical subject of the conscious and subconscious mind and more important your inner spiritual power that is with you always.

There are some products that we highly recommend that will be displayed on our website, that we have tested but in the end the ultimate choice is still yours if you find the value and decide to purchase and use.

Creation of Website

I’m happy to write about the journey since the initial creation of the name for this website after completing my first life coaching certification program back in May, 2009.

When I was able to come up with the final name for the website, I have asked some of my friends feedback on names that possible describe the
outcome of coaching someone in vital areas of their life.

Finally, I decide on Achieve (desired objective, level, or result), when do you start this change or step in the Now(in the present, today), to be and live a better life (Inspired) for yourself and people that you share in your daily living.

Work Experiences

Life is about experiences, I when to college studied Business administration with a minor in Psychology.

Worked for many years as Property Manager of High rise developments, had my own companies, been a Branch Manager for a National company, managed people in improving their sales techniques, done missionary work, coached people on their pursuit of spiritual and personal development and yet I found out after all, that life is the best educator and teacher.

Many years have been accumulated in attending seminars, retreats and reading many books as a way of learning and applying theories into every day life, which ultimately I came to realize that life the best school and that you will be tested many times to see if you have learn the lesson, if not, you then repeat the process before going to the next level.

There many called “gurus” in different industries that advice and write about achieving personal freedom by learning how to improve in the personal development for yourself, and yet there many people that somehow, find themselves in the same rut, unsatisfying and with no purpose in their life year after year.


That being said, in this page it is my intention to relate to you.

What I simply do in this website is write articles and share information that can help you on your quest to get ideas and practices for your improvement and if you need a coach that can be in your corner, support your goals and dreams and that we can co create a clear vision, personal statement and path for your life to evolve from within by being spiritually inspired, I could be of assistance and service.

More certifications

In 2014 in my quest to advance and get better, I was coached by two great coaches that had worked directly for many years with Tony Robbins (A top Personal Development teacher and coach for many years) and got re-certified with more coaching techniques and practices to help my clients get the direction and results that want to achieve at the time.

While this page is suppose to be about me(Coach Lionel Sanabria) in reality is more about you.

Clearly you can read, attend all the seminars, spend money in programs but if you do not get committed and have someone(coach) to be accountable to in your progress, you may have a 50/50 chance on your own, why?

It takes discipline, dedication, real commitment and a burning desire to improve, and some you may just need assistance for while until you actually achieve that inner peace, knowing that everything that they want is possible.

I hope you find the information provided helpful and valuable. You have all the answer within you…I only help discover them by serving you 100%.

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