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Healthy Fear Or Unhealthy Fear

Fear can be an amazing tool to remold and transform through at any time in your life,but you can have healthy fear or unhealthy fear.   It can be an opportunity to rebuild yourself like a super hero. People from all walks of life and from every corner of the world experience healthy fear and also unhealthy fear. Healthy fear gets you out of the path of a speeding car, and makes you check in with the doctor about a strange lump in your body. Unhealthy fear is F.E.A.R, false evidence that appears real but is mostly a fabrication of […]


"Increase Confidence"

Increase Your Confidence

There are times in your life when your confidence goes south and you feel down and depress with yourself.   We all experience those moments or periods in our lives, but the good news is that there are ways to increase your confidence. Here are 15 quick and practical methods to increase your confidence one day at a time. 1. Play to your strengths. Know what you are good at and expose yourself to these opportunities at every opportunity – because you’re good at it, you’ll enjoy it and have more confidence. 2. Improve your weaknesses. Know and appreciate what […]

Balance or Unbalanced Life

How is your life?  Your life can be balance or unbalanced life at times and it may depend on many factors.   Your life is divided in at least 6 main areas :health ,financial ,emotional, work, relationships and life purpose. As you take a closer look at your life is best to choose balance without any judgement. A lot of people try to be happy all of the time but being happy means appreciating all life has to offer, and remembering the nature of balance, and the balance of nature. Achievement and balance is always fueled by one key ingredient…YOU! When was […]

"Life Coaching"