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Powerful Affirmations Daily 7

Having powerful affirmations daily life routines can definitely enhance the overall well being in your life. Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. They are stated in the present tense, such as “I have unlimited abundance.” Your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and as you say these positive statements to yourself, you can begin to create them as true. Often people say “I am (word)” and follow it with a negative statement. It is important to catch yourself if you find yourself doing this, and change what […]

Synergy Coaching

The Answer To Everything In Life

The Answer To Everything In Life 11

Please, I want to address an important topic that doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves particularly in the context of ‘manifesting your desires’ and ‘co-creating’ your reality.   Still, it’s something on which the answer to everything in life ultimately depends: * The quality of your health… * The quality of your relationships… * The quality of your creativity… * Your ability to listen to your intuition and inner guidance… * Your finances… * Actualizing your highest potential… Believe it or not, but all these aspects of life completely revolve around and emerge from your understanding and your practice […]

Improve your Body Language 2

You know, how you feel at any moment in time is linked to what is going on in your head and how you are moving your body.   Improve your body language and at the same time boost you confidence. The way that you move sends subconscious messages to your mind and this either helps or hinder the way that the feel. Emotion is created by motion. If you sit still for a long period of time your natural energy levels automatically lower. What happens when you get up, walk around and return to your seat? Yes, you have more […]

Improve your Body Language

Overcome Fear by using Psychological self improvement

Overcome Fear by using Psychological Self-improvement 4

Overcome fear by using psychological self-improvement  to overcome any self impose negative things in your mind.   In psychological self-improvement, the best way to remove this fear is to understand that life is always in the cycle of ups and downs. No one is permanently up or permanently down. Remember that no one can avoid these ups and downs even the most envied sport stars and so called celebrities. What we should do about these downs periods is to learn from it and not to avoid it. We should learn how to handle our problems for our psychological self-improvement. Problems […]

Stop the Procrastination 3

Stop the Procrastination if you want to achieve anything in life now or in the future. Procrastination – probably the number one cause for people to be disorganized, for not achieving what they want, for not being the best they could be. People don’t realize that all you really need is the right tools to conquer it.   Let’s brush away the reasons why you might be procrastinating and we will basically leave you with no excuse to simply get it done. “I haven’t got the time right now.” This is the most popular excuse for procrastinators. The thing is […]

Stop The Procrastination

Focus on your mental and emotional side

Focus on your Mental and Emotional Side 2

Not everyone believes this but the mental and emotional aspects of a person, when combined, leads to better self improvement and overall lifestyle.   Emotions love to dominate our actions and reactions, even though we do not want it to happen sometimes. Society often see emotions as a sign of weakness, so people are used to putting them aside and focusing on the rational aspects more and more. No matter how strict and logical you may be, you will always feel. One way or another, someone or something will get through you. Positive emotions are a lifelong goal for many […]

Be an Optimist Person by Changing Your Point of View 4

In life, you are always filled with choices. You may make the choice to have a pessimist view and live a self-defeated life or you may make the choice to take the optimist’s route and take a challenging and fulfilling life. So why nurture an optimist’s point of view? And why now?   Well, optimism has been linked to positive mood and good morale; to academic, athletic, military, occupational and political success; to popularity; to good health and even to long life and freedom from trauma. Now a days the rates of depression and pessimism have never been higher. It […]

be an optimist person by changing your point of view

Born to make choices and changes before you die

Born to make choices and changes before you Die 1

Why are we born if we have to die? That question makes it sound as if the two were the only things happening to us. Maybe the answer lies in not just looking at those two verbs in isolation, but rather in what else goes on with us. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be satisfied by things we don’t know for sure. We don’t know what happened before we were born, or what happens after we die. So either we speculate about it and content ourselves with what we believe, or we give up on that and just concentrate on […]

The Power of the Present Moment 5

Achieve now… Achieve what? Whatever you want…but how?   Answer…by being focus and ultimately focus is all about paying attention to the power of the present moment. However focus only becomes effective when it is practiced in context – the context of where you are and where you’re going in life. In fact, focus on its own is a dangerous thing – you could be fully focused, but on the wrong thing! So ensuring that you understand the context in which you’re focusing is vital. But, before we even get that far, we need to understand why focus is the […]

The Power of Present Moment

Success Tips

Success Tips 1

Success is a question of learning the key laws that govern the outcomes of your effort and taking action to move your Dream forward.   My personal experience has been a rich journey that led me to identify what I consider as the Ten success tips. Nowadays, in my work as a Life Coach I base my facilitation on these keys which have proved to be the most effective way to cope with Life’s challenges and achieve Life Success. Here’s a very brief overview of the 10 success tips that can take you to the next level in life: * […]

Powers of a Positive Attitude 9

I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?   Now let’s say you are walking down the street with these thoughts. Do you think anyone who would meet you would be able to tell you what’s on your mind? The answer to number one is up to you. But, the answer number two can be pretty generic. Although people will not be able to tell you exactly what you […]

Power of Positive Attitude