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Self Improvement Motivation from the Inside Out 1

First there are questions you should ask to yourself in preparation for the self Improvement motivation from the inside out “looking in the mirror” session.   Be all you can be, it is not only a slogan use for the Army, but for everyday life. I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course it’s hard to think of anything else when real issues are to be discussed. Still I aspire for something deeper and more meaningful way to achieve now a better life. So we’re all full with problems. Honestly it […]

self improvement motivation from the inside out

The Making of a Relationship When Love comes Short

The Making of a Relationship When Love Comes Short 3

The making of a relationship when love comes short its a challenge if you want to last in any romantic relationship.   Many of us think that the hardest thing in a relationship is finding the right person. We fall in love in the process and live happily ever after, right? Well…Surprise…Think again…Is not that easy. Those in a relationship know all too well that fairy tales are only true in the Hollywood movies. The truth of the matter is that the making of a relationship when love comes short especially romantically between spouses is not easy and as you […]

Commanding and Mastering Your Emotions

Commanding and mastering your emotions is not an easy thing to do by any means.   It takes great effort, loads of work, and an ability to laugh in the middle of trials. Sometimes we have things hidden in our subconscious mind that breaks down our personality, character, and self-worth as a whole. The key is unleashing those memories, words and influences in making them work in your favor. The emotions are powerful since it pulls from the soul, mind, and your past experiences. Throughout our lifetime, we experience hurt, illness, pain, trauma, and the like. It takes you to […]

Commanding And Mastering Your Emotions

Now We Are Free

Now We Are Free 2

Freedom within and freedom without is the vital part in a relationship growth process.   Now we are free to affirm our connectedness even when we are hurt or upset. You may wonder, what is this guy writing about here? OK, let’s step back for a minute and set up a quick background noise…ready…set…go. I usually advocate for practicing acceptance in relation to those things about our relationship that we cannot change; maybe acceptance isn’t the only alternative to burning the house down in the pursuit of change. I think the most destructive mistake that partners make in their intimate […]