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Only Time Will Heal The Wounds

If you are going at this time and moment thru a personal emotional crisis most people will tell you that”only time will heal the wounds“.   OK, that could be a positive or soothing statement, but how do you achieve a better life for you after any emotional hurt or disappointment. Keep reading, perhaps you will see a positive outlook in the need to shift you energy body, feel the pain and let it out, in order for the healing process to manifest. We all experience situations in our life that really hurt, the pain is so great that we […]

Only Time Will Heal the Wounds

Transformation Coaching achieving a better life

Achieving a Better Life 1

Partnering with a life¬†transformation¬†coach can help you move from where you are to where you want to be, quickly and achieving a better life.   I believe that each of us has the right combination of qualities, skills, competencies and abilities to create the life we innately know is ours. But somewhere along the way, we lose focus or motivation, daily life starts interfering, or we’re just plain afraid of that brilliant future! A coach can help you to move past limiting beliefs or situations to create the life you really want, one that allows you to experience life as […]

Brainwaves Programming

Brainwave programming is a very complex form of programming which creates automatic amnesia and communication barriers between the different brain wave states. Common brain wave states used are: Alpha: this is the most easily reached brain wave state, and also includes both the youngest and most easily accessed alters in the entire system. Young children have long periods of alpha activity and must be trained to enter other brain wave states for long periods. System access programming; access codes and sexual alters will often be placed in alpha, which may also be coded red in some systems. Beta: this is […]

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Do You Think You Are Your Perception of self or Not

Do You Think You Are Your Perception of Self or Not 2

Real or an illusion of your mind that is still the question to be answer about perception. There is a well know saying that suggests that perception is, in fact, reality.   Do you think you are your perception of self or not. No matter how most thinking people might laugh off such a notion, the fact is that for the normal mind, reality is just that – the sum total of your perceptions. How we perceive the world, how it works and our place in it dictates how we behave. Most importantly of all, our own self-perception creates our […]

Powerful Affirmations Daily 7

Having powerful affirmations daily life routines can definitely enhance the overall well being in your life. Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. They are stated in the present tense, such as “I have unlimited abundance.” Your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and as you say these positive statements to yourself, you can begin to create them as true. Often people say “I am (word)” and follow it with a negative statement. It is important to catch yourself if you find yourself doing this, and change what […]

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