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Daily affirmations for your mind 2

Does daily Affirmations when used correctly can they work? The first thing we need to look at is why daily affirmations haven’t worked for so many people so that you know what to avoid and then we’ll get into the positive side of affirmations. 1) Most people don’t say them the right way. They say them in the future or conditional tense as opposed to present tense. The future tense is the tense that says, “I will…” or “I’m going to…” You’re putting something into place in the future. But the future never arrives. We only have the present moment. […]

Daily Affirmations

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Subconscious mind control techniques 4

The conscious mind is a remarkable thing, but there’s a whole other level of awareness that, when tapped, can greatly expand your abilities. Now we enter the subconscious zone, where mind control is all about reaching and strengthen the voice of the subconscious. The subconscious mind is believed to have immense powers that if controlled can spell success and happiness for us. If there is no clear understanding about this seemingly dormant part of the mind, then what is all this hype about the power and control of the subconscious mind? Whatever understanding we have of this entity, it is […]

Open mind vs Closed mind 93

Success in its broadest meaning is not limited to only monetary and material possessions. It reveals as being plentiful in countless and several forms in life and nature.   The universal spirit of consciousness, craves to continuously manifest and express itself; this power likewise expresses its longing to demonstrate success, which naturally wants to develop, to grow and become bigger and stronger, which requires to have open mind vs closed mind. However, many realize this longing and natural inclination for growth repressed in them, because of negative thinking, wrong programming, and not having enough faith in their abilities and themselves. […]

Open mind vs Closed Mind

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Subconscious power key for a success mindset 11

The “Success Mindset” is characterized in various forms, also has many meanings depending on what one is seeking for in his life, relationship and career. To parents success can mean to them that their children have learned over the years good moral values, to practicing doctors it can mean saving lives at the operation table and of course to athletes it can mean winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Now all this meaning of success truly will depend on one’s perspective of life. Success perceptions are as abundant as there are stars in the sky. One apparent thing about […]

Clear your mind 98

If you clear your mind to increase your mind power, there is a great possibility that you will feel and act from a strong place of peace and resolve. A lot of people carry around with them a lot of “baggage” from the past in their minds.   People carry around with them a lot of emotional attention that you could be doing without and focusing on something more productive instead! Are you like this? If you are, I bet it has a negative influence on your confidence and self esteem on a daily basis, but use the following approach […]

Clear your mind