New Mindset


Are you ready to achieve now your full potential and live the life that you have always wanted?


Your dreams are not out of reach and success is not just a far-fetched fantasy as you can achieve them with the help of my co-creating mindset coaching.

You can let go of your limitations and instead focus on the broad range of possibilities for your successful life with the help of a certified life coach that specializes in bringing positive transformation to your life.



You may have a need or perhaps have a goal that you want to achieve and starting now in the present time so that you feel a sense of fulfillment is perfect. 

Great, but to make it happen, you need the following formula.

Focus on commitment, not motivation + seek knowledge, not results + make the journey fun + get rid of stagnating thoughts  + use your imagination + stop being nice to yourself and get out of your comfort zone + get rid of distractions + don’t rely on others, it is all on you + Plan of action = your success.

Better Life


Actively seeking a better life for yourself is important but as you plan for the future, it is also important for your well-being to enjoy life at the moment.

During the day pause for a few moments and take at least 5 deep breaths in and out slowly and experience all of your sensations, relax.

As your mindset coach, my goal is to co-create that improved life that you want by simply first determining your values, then exploring what goals you have, then we can check on your reality ( where you are and where you want to go) probe on all the options available and finally take massive action and move forward.

Now, if you are looking for a results-driven solution that could help change your life for the better, you have come to the right place!

Coaching from a certified transformational life coach will help free you from dis-empowering relationships and instead enable you to build a good network that creates love and support, discovers how to achieve financial abundance by doing what you love, assists you on how to change your mindset about money and encourage you to make a genuine contribution to the humanity as a conscious individual.

With transformational coaching, you can start manifesting your dreams and achieve the life you always wanted by changing your mindset.

Transformational life coaching can also help you accept reality and eliminate the illusion or denial you have about certain aspects of life. You can empower yourself by building your own motivation as well as a discipline that will enable you also create the life that you desire. You can summon your inner strength to bring change into your current situation and eliminate the fear you have and live from a place of inner peace, love, and knowing.

Your Transformational Coach

Lionel Sanabria

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Change your mindset for success

As your coach, we do an assessment to explore your strengths and weakness and create new strategies to move you forward in reaching your goals and fulfilling your vision.


One on One

By developing an action plan to achieve your goals and dreams, you will get over old patterns that no longer work for you and reprogram your mind.

Safe Setting

All coaching sessions are done over the Zoom Video Platform in a virtual setting with email follow ups, for an easy and comforting experience.

Confident Builder

Partnering with a life transformation coach can help you move from where you are to where you want to be, quickly and confident.

Co Create

Achievers use their mind at the level of alert consciousness, then tap into their subconscious mind power and finally achieve inner peace by reaching their super conscious universal mind.

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